Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes: A Midwinter’s Nightmare Few words strike fear into a Michigander’s heart like “frozen pipes.” The inconvenience, the mess (the headache!), and the cleanup afterwards…Is there anything worse?! Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to minimize the risk of frozen pipes and the havoc burst pipes can cause. An Ounce of Prevention […]

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall leaves

Your Fall To-Do List Fall is finally here and that means winter isn’t far behind. While it’s tempting to spend your time tailgating and sipping pumpkin spice lattes, be sure to spend some time prepping your home so it’s ready for the cold weather ahead. Take care of the chores listed below now and save […]

Home Protection Plans

Home protection

Preventative Medicine for Your Home Beyond the base cost of operating your home, repair and upkeep expenditures can stretch any family’s budget. A preventative maintenance program, such as Service Professor’s “Professor Protection Plan,” can help save you money by ensuring your home systems run safely and efficiently, and by resolving issues early to minimize system […]

When Is An Outlet More Than An Outlet

Electrical socket

When Is an Outlet More Than an Outlet? They’re small, a little strange looking, and you’ve probably seen them in bathrooms and kitchens in homes and offices everywhere. What are they? Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), those mysterious electrical outlets that “pop” when you press the Test button. What are they and how important are they […]

Portable Vs Standby Generators

Kohler Standby Generator

Powers Off But Your Lights Are On There is an element of fun when the power first goes out. We’re allowed to pretend for a moment we are pioneers, braving the elements with little more than candlesticks and flashlights. But, for outages lasting more than a couple of hours, the novelty of such rustic living […]

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heater

Tankless Water Heaters…An Efficient Oxymoron! Conventional Water Heaters…A Thirsty Monster If you’re like most of us, the term “water heater” conjures images of a bulky, probably rusty (and perhaps leaky) piece of equipment stashed away in a closet or basement. And, unless you’re the victim of frequent cold showers, it’s unlikely you give your water […]

AC Tune Up

AC Tuneup

Warm Weather Ahead! Is Your AC Ready? Warmer weather is finally here, and for most of us that means AC season has officially begun. Not sure your air conditioning unit ready for the hot summer ahead? The best way to get (and keep!) your system running smoothly is through regular system evaluations and annual tune-ups […]

Summer Plumbing Tips


Ah, sweet summertime. The season of barbeques, baseball, and…backups! Like most Michiganders, there’s probably a direct correlation between the “busyness” of your household and the rise in temperature. More time outdoors, trips to the beach, and weekend cookouts not only keep you up and running, but keep your plumbing system running too. Here are some […]

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