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Service Professor Cares: Feeding Our Community

For The Kids! Service Professor Cares, our in-house non-profit, partners with local organizations. This includes community groups, youth initiatives, and individuals who are in need of a helping hand. These partnerships range from sponsoring days at local coffee shops that employ baristas with cognitive and developmental delays, families experiencing poverty, organizations assisting those experiencing homelessness, […]

Root of All Evil

Let’s Get To The Root Of Your Plumbing Issue  We’ve all heard the stories about the expensive repairs that come with root damage in sewer lines. It’s no joke. The roots get into the line and cause havoc.  You’ll start to notice these silent destructors when the issues arise in your home. Backflow, poor flow, […]

Out With Old- Decluttering Is A Simple Safety Improvement

Decluttering is a safety measure!  When it comes to the boxes in our basements, bags of old clothes stored in the back of our closets, or old beauty products tucked behind some new ones, we all have them. There is no denying that houses with lots of space leave room for things to accumulate over […]

Electrical Issues In Your Home- Stop Ignoring Them

Ignoring Electrical Issues? Let Us Help!  We’ve all done it right? The fuse trips and we head to the basement to flip it back on. Not an issue if it is caused in unique situations or times when we are operating too many large things at once. This becomes an issue when it starts to […]

Plumbing Issues- Big And Small

Plumbing Issues Big And Small  Plumbing issues are never an issue until they’re an issue. Right? And, normally it’s a big issue that we have been sweeping under the rug, turning the other way, avoiding it all costs. The occasional issues don’t worry us too much and we brush them off as freak incidents. The […]

Resist The Surge!

Resist the Surge, Protect Your Home!  We’ve heard it all before, right? Protect your items, get a surge protector, be proactive, etc. In fact, we have heard it so often that our ears have become numb to any words surrounding “surge”. But what if it wasn’t just your home you were protecting? What if it […]

Dust, Dander, and Dirt. What Are You Breathing? 

Dust, Dander, and Dirt. What Are You Breathing?  Pets & Your Home Despite the endless amounts of hair on our favorite outfits or expensive furniture, I think we can all agree that the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to pets. With this being said there are some things are can do to […]

Say Watt? What Electrical Outlets Are In Your Home?

Watt Up? On average, most homes contain up to 75 different types of electrical outlets! Shocking isn’t it? Most of just know which switches turn on certain things when it comes to our home’s wiring.  Electricity is always flowing in our homes. It’s an important and fundamental part of your home. For something we use […]

Carbon Monoxide- How To Keep Your Family Safe!

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: A Silent Predator Colder weather, winter months, and furnaces working harder means we have to be extra careful. When furnaces work harder they could produce harmful gasses and could lead to serious concerns. Carbon Monoxide (CO) safety is very important for your home and family. Small changes around your home could keep […]

Frozen Pipes – Everything You Need To Know

Frozen Pipes – Everything You Need To Know Winter months are here but did you forget about your home’s water system? If you think frozen pipes are only and issue for the outside, we’re glad you’re here! The expansion of freezing water could lead to destruction in your home even if you think you’re safe. […]

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