Get Your Plumbing Ready for Winter

Leaves are beginning to pile on the ground and crisp mornings are here! While many of us have made sure our Furnace is ready for our Michigan Winter, we can’t forget about our Plumbing system too! The changes in temperature can greatly affect performance and sometimes result in damage if not dealt with properly. Preventative […]

Uneven Room Temperatures at Home

It’s that time of year! We’re starting to prep our costumes for Halloween, trade our garden tools for rakes, and turn on the furnace for the season! Do you notice a change in temperature as you travel from room to room in your home? As with all things, the best way to find a solution […]

Is Your Water Heater Trying To Tell You Something?

It’s no surprise that our homes make quite a bit of noise. Whether its the AC powering up in the summer, the Furnace kicking on in the Winter, or the floors creaking when someone’s up for a late-night snack! Our Grand Rapids homes are always trying to tell us something! But, there are sounds you […]

Service Professor Downloadable Activities

Looking for something to do?! Click on the links below for printable versions of our activities!  Fall Word Search:  Service Professor Wordsearch PDF Download

Clean Air Solutions at Home

Many of us have a lot in common right now, we’re still spending quite a bit of time at home! And as the weather starts to cool off, we’ll be spending even more time there. With the busyness in life and the change in season, it is easy to forget about our home’s indoor air […]

Trunk or Treat with Service Professor and Friends!

Get in the Halloween Spirit with Service Professor! Mark your calendars! Join in on some Spook-tacular FUN with Service Professors Trunk or Treat Event happening at Service Professor Headquarters in Grand Rapids! We know Trick-or-Treating will look a little different this year, so our team is doing all we can to make sure that every […]

Prepping Your HVAC System For #Fall

As unfortunate as it is to think about, Fall is coming. Cooler mornings, frosted windshields, and shivering rides to work will be here before we know it! Although we may not be ready for the change in season, there are a couple of steps we can take to ensure our home is! Taking the proper […]

Service Professors Ride-2-Decide

Why Ride-2-Decide?  We have a vision for the future. To change the perception of the Trades. We know the skilled trades will always be in demand so long as people own homes. We crafted a program to help do our part to make sure those jobs get filled! Our Ride-2-Decide Program is a game-changer. We […]

Power When You Need It In West Michigan

Lights On At Home Check the forecast lately? Summer showers and possible storms are brewing in West Michigan! Right on time as the sweet smells of summer start to fade. Unfortunately,  late summer storms often bring about inconvenient power outages. In the event of an extended power outage, would your family be comfortable and safe? […]

Water Heaters- Tankless vs. Traditional

When you think of a water heater, what do you think of? Is it something big and bulky, stashed away in the basement or closet? You’re not far off from the traditional water heater image! Fortunately for us, water heaters have transformed throughout the years to become a little more spacious for typical homes today. […]

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