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Boiler Broken? Get a Free Boiler Replacement Estimate With Service Professor

Dealing with a broken boiler can be a pain — especially on a cold day in Michigan. But when you contact the licensed and insured heating technicians at Service Professor, rest assured you’re getting unrivaled service for boiler installation, repair, and replacement in your Central or West Michigan home.

Discover the superiority of Service Professor by scheduling service for the boiler system in your Central or West Michigan home.

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Full Boiler Replacement From the Radiant Heating Experts

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Our professionals at Service Professor use the most advanced tools and techniques for seamless installation, repair, or replacement of your Michigan home’s boiler. Whether you have a gas or electric boiler, our technicians are here to fix it in a snap!

Furnaces vs. Boilers

Furnaces require ductwork to distribute the warm air they generate to heat your home or office. A boiler requires piping, baseboard, and a radiator to distribute the hot water and steam it generates to warm your rooms, delivering high-efficiency heating in your home. 

For superior boiler installation and replacement in Central or West Michigan, contact the heating experts at Service Professor.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Home’s Boiler

A faulty boiler can lead to big problems and will disrupt the comfort of your Michigan home. Some telling signs that you may need boiler replacement include:

  • Inefficient system: If you notice an increase in your energy bills or inefficient operation of your boiler, this could mean it needs replacement.
  • Age: Boilers can last around 10 to 15 years. If your system is significantly older, this may mean it’s time to replace it. 
  • Unusual sounds or odors: Weird noises or smells typically indicate internal issues with your system.
  • Uneven heating: Are some rooms hotter or colder than others? Trust the heating experts at Service Professor for fast and easy repairs.
  • Leaks: Corrosion or persistent water leaks in and around your boiler can spell big trouble. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. 

For expert boiler replacement in your Central or West Michigan home, contact Service Professor today for a free replacement quote.

Ways To Save on Your New Boiler

At Service Professor, we work hard to help keep all services within your budget by offering several financing options. Check out our MVP Protection Plan for discounts on boiler installations, repairs, and replacements while enjoying routine maintenance from our heating pros.

Don’t forget to check our coupons and promotions for the latest and greatest ways to save.

Remember that all our boiler installations come with a warranty on parts and labor for your peace of mind. Know that we have you covered once you meet all the requirements for taking care of your boiler.

Looking for ways to save on your home’s new energy-efficient boiler system? Contact Service Professor for unrivaled boiler installation.

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