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We all enjoy having a warm and comfy home or office during winter. With ongoing maintenance, service or emergency repairs from Service Professor, your heating will keep you cozy throughout those cold winter months. You can rely on our technicians to get your home or office heating system working quickly if you are faced with a breakdown. We are available 24/7 for those emergency responses when you need us most.

If you need a local furnace repair company in West Michigan, contact Service professor. We have a strong reputation as heating specialists serving Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and the counties of West Michigan and Southwest Michigan. Our technicians are highly capable of repairing all brands and models of heaters and furnaces to keep you warm during those winter months.

Signs your furnace or other heating system needs repair:

  • Strange sounds coming from your equipment
  • Thermostat is never accurate
  • Your energy bills are increasing
  • The indoor air quality has gotten poor
  • Your furnace or boiler takes a long time to startup
  • You get a yellow pilot light on your furnace
  • Uneven heating – your home or office has constant cold spots throughout
  • The equipment is old

If you are unsure of the current state of your heating system, request an assessment by Service Professor’s heating specialists. Our technicians will review and diagnose any problems with your system so that they can work as intended and you can be warm again.

The Service Professor Heating Specialists in MI

Our heating specialists are all licensed, highly-trained and experienced technicians can repair every type of heating system that your home or office use.

We specialize in installing, repairing, maintaining and servicing:

  • furnaces
  • boilers
  • geothermal heating, and
  • heat pumps

No matter the type of system, you can trust our technicians to handle all repairs, maintenance or replacement with quality workmanship that leaves you with a fully functioning heating system. You can trust the reliable, friendly and skilled team at Service Professor to get the job done right when you need it to. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed when you do.

What To Expect From Service Professor

  • Certified technicians who are tested and screened
  • Knowledgeable technicians and use of the most up-to-date technology
  • Fully stocked and equipped service trucks
  • Reliable service and 100% guarantees
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Service plans that give you peace of mind

Furnace Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance 

We are your HVAC service, maintenance, and installation company. We know:

  • Heating systems installation
  • Heating replacement
  • Heating maintenance
  • Heating repairs
  • Furnace and boiler installations
  • Thermostat repairs

For your Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids heating and cooling experts, we are the company of choice. From modern and efficient furnaces and boilers to heat pumps and geothermal heating, we have the right solutions to keep you warm at your home or office.

New Furnace Installations:

We can help you choose the right furnace to suit your specific needs. Our technicians will discuss with you the best options for a modern heating system that is energy efficient and reliable for heating your entire home. If your current heating system is contributing to your high energy costs, we can help you with replacement options that can lower those costs and keep more money in your pocket.

Heating Maintenance:

Ongoing heating maintenance will keep your system efficient and prolong the life of your equipment. This ensures that your system lasts longer and works with less downtime and expensive repairs. Plus, you can enter the winter season knowing that your heater won’t fail you. Routine maintenance allows you to know when you might need to replace parts of the system itself so that you can plan ahead. Maintenance also keeps your home safe especially if you include air quality testing to ensure that you and your family members are not inhaling any toxic substance in the air. No matter the type of home or office heating solution that you use, maintenance should only be carried out by a certified contractor.

Heating Repairs:

No matter the brand or model furnace you have, it will eventually need repairs. And when it does, you should only have a qualified electrical contractor undertake those repairs. This allows you to have quality workmanship and guarantees backed by years of service. Whether it’s a minor or major repair to your heating system, the team at Service Professor can handle it. Our services are designed for your satisfaction and to ensure smooth and efficient operation of your heating devices.

Boiler Installations:

We’ll help you identify the right sized boiler to meet your needs. If the boiler is too small it will be inefficient. If it is too large it may not be able to maintain the proper temperature. The technicians at Service Professor have extensive experience in analyzing the numerous factors that contribute to choosing the right boiler for your building. And determining the best option based on those factors.

Thermostat Installation or Repairs:

An often-overlooked part of your heating system, the thermostat plays a key role in the overall warmth in your building. Choosing the right thermostat to complement your furnace or boiler is essential. The experienced team at Service Professor will help you adjust your thermostat to work with your new heating system. Or install a new or upgraded thermostat that will do the job right.

Do your home or business a favor. When you need quality heating installations, replacement, maintenance, or repairs, contact Service Professor. Our professional team is waiting to help you achieve the best indoor comfort all at an affordable price and when you need us most. Schedule an appointment today. Call Service Professor at 616-871-1900.

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