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We know that you don’t ever want to face a flooded basement. Unfortunately, it can happen and has happened to many homeowners in Grand Rapids. And when you have a basement leak, you need fast action and reliable plumbing service to get your basement dry and the repairs done.

Even 1 inch of water can lead to problems in your basement. From damage to equipment and mold growth, basement leaks can cost you thousands of dollars. But, you can take the right action to stem those leaks. Contact Service Professor where our highly skilled plumbers take care of basement leaks for homeowners across Grand Rapids.

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Our plumbers use state-of-the-art equipment for expert basement leak detection and repairs. You can rely on our plumbers to find the source of the leaks in your basement. And we work quickly to minimize the damage to your home and quickly carry out the repairs.

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Potential Causes of Leaks in Your Basement

Interior Plumbing Problems: There are a variety of internal plumbing issues that could lead to a basement leak. Leaking water heater, basement sinks or washing machines can cause problems. A licensed plumber can quickly repair these areas or leaky valves. Other areas to look for basement leaks inside include:

  • Leaking pipe in the basement ceiling
  • Sewer pipe leaking in the basement
  • Leaking drain pipe

External Pressure: Your basement could be affected by hydrostatic pressure or lateral pressure which results in leaks.

  • Hydrostatic pressure comes from water in the soil around the basement based on the water table. Heavy rainfall or snowmelt can cause the water table to rise. And when that happens, the added pressure the water applies to your foundation can force water into the basement.
  • Lateral pressure can cause cracks or seepage in the foundation. This is because the soil around the foundation expands from too much water. This creates a lateral – sideways – pressure on the foundation.

Foundation Problems: Was your foundation built to the right thickness for your region? If not, hydrostatic pressure could affect your foundation. This will lead to cracking of your foundation and water seepage into the basement.

Water Leak Detection & Prevention

There are some measures you can take to limit flooding from basement leaks. Here are a couple of them and Service Professor can help with either one or both.

Prevent Basement Leak: Install a Sump Pump and a Perimeter Drain

A sump pump and perimeter drain in your basement can save you from thousands of dollars in water damage from a basement leak. A hidden perimeter drain can prevent water seeping in through the walls from reaching the basement floor.

Service Professor professionally installs sump pumps for homeowners throughout West Michigan that want to keep their basement dry. In case of a leak or flooding in your basement, the sump pump will pump the water outside.

Prevent Basement Leak: Replace Leaky Window Wells and Basement Windows

Leaky or clogged window wells can lead to flooding, especially in a heavy rainstorm. If the window drain does not work well, water will build up. And when that happens, the window could even collapse.

To prevent basement leaks, make sure your window well drains are open and that they are not clogged or old and broken.

Affordable Fast Basement Leak Repair Services (Grand Rapids, Western Michigan)

Need a reliable plumber in Grand Rapids? You can trust our plumbing experts for quality basement leak detection and leak repair services. Service Professor is ready to help you solve your basement leak problem. Contact us today at 616-871-1900 or schedule a service request online.

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