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Repairing Garbage Disposals Throughout West Michigan

Garbage disposals are your convenient kitchen appliance that makes cooking and eating more fun. Who doesn’t enjoy creating tasty dishes when you know you don’t have to worry about disposing of the scraps afterward. But, garbage disposals get clogged over time. Or the waste line will get coated and blocked with food waste.

If your waste disposal gets clogged and you cannot easily unclog it, our disposal experts are here to help. Service Professor’s plumbers in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo and across Western Michigan and Southwestern Michigan are highly rated for service and workmanship. They’ll get your disposal cleared in no time. And if it needs repairs, they can do that too. And when you need to upgrade to a newer model or replace a broken disposer, they are the plumbing professionals to count on.

Problems with Your Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal that is not working is a great inconvenience. Some of the problems you can experience with your garbage disposal:

  • Humming noise when on
  • Hums as if it’s working but doesn’t turn on
  • Garbage disposal leak
  • Won’t turn on at all

If you experience any of these problems, there are some disposal troubleshooting that you can do before calling a plumber. But, if your troubleshooting doesn’t work, you can get fast service for your Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo plumbing appliance repair company – Service Professor. Our plumbers have the necessary skills and tools to quickly fix your disposer and make life more convenient.

How to Fix Your Garbage Disposal

There are some issues that you can quickly address yourself without needing to call a plumber. This is especially the case if the garbage disposal is humming but not working properly.

Steps to Fix the Disposer:

1. Locate the reset button at the bottom of the garbage disposal and press it.

2. If this doesn’t work, then switch off the power to the disposer and check to see if anything is blocking the drain. You may need to use a flashlight to see better. If there is a foreign object blocking the drain, then use a pliers or other tool to remove it. DO NOT stick your hand inside the disposer.

3. If there is nothing blocking the drain, the block may be at the bottom of the disposer. If this is the case, then find the garbage disposal hex wrench that may have come with your machine. This tool can be used to unjam the disposal at the bottom of the disposer.

4. If you are still unable to get the disposer to work, then contact Service Professor and have one of our plumbers take a look at it for you.

Need Help? We Will Fix It In A Snap!

Installing a New Garbage Disposal

Sometimes the disposer cannot be fixed. And you will need to install a new garbage disposal unit. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of learning to install a disposer yourself, then contact Service Professor in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo to help you get it done quickly.

Our expert plumbers will make the garbage disposal process very efficient and have you using your new disposal unit in no time.

Why Choose Service Professor for Your Plumbing Services

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  • Full-service plumbing company
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  • Insured, Licensed, and Trained Plumbers

Find the Right Garbage Disposal Installer Near You

Searching for “garbage disposal installation near me” in Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo? Then look no further than Service Professor. We offer garbage disposal repair and replacement services across Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo and a great portion of Western and Southwestern Michigan. Let our plumbers quickly get your disposal unit working again.

Give us a call at 616-871-1900 for smae-day emergency garbage disposal repairs in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

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