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Rewiring a home is a complex project that takes an expert hand. When you need whole-home rewiring services, turn to Service Professor. We’re a top-rated electrical company serving homeowners in the Grand Rapids, MI, area. With over 40 years of experience, we have the skills and knowledge to rewire your home correctly and efficiently.

Hiring our team comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you hire us, you can rest assured that your home rewiring project will be easy and stress-free. That’s the Service Professor difference.

Contact us online or call 616-871-1900 today to schedule whole-home rewiring services with a skilled electrical contractor.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Home’s Wiring

Electrician rewiring circuit breakers.

You probably don’t think about your home’s wiring at all unless you’re dealing with electrical problems, but there are some clear signs that your property’s wiring should be updated.

Contact us about home rewiring services if you notice:

  • Blown fuses: If your fuse blows frequently, it could be due to faulty or old wiring that needs to be updated to handle your electrical needs.
  • Sparking or discolored outlets: While sometimes this issue is caused by loose connections, sparking or discolored outlets may be caused by bad wiring.
  • A burning odor: Trust your nose and contact an electrician ASAP if you smell a burning odor near outlets and switches because this problem could lead to an electrical fire.
  • Tripping breakers: If your circuit breakers are flipping constantly, your home’s wiring likely can’t handle your electrical needs.

You may also need whole-home rewiring services if your home is over 40–50 years old. Older homes use different types of wiring and need to be updated to be safe and handle modern electrical needs.

Our team will be happy to discuss your home’s wiring with you to determine if you need an update. If so, we’ll schedule the appointment ASAP.

Is Whole-Home Rewiring Worth It?

Don’t wait to schedule the home rewiring services you need. Otherwise, you could be putting your property at risk. Faulty wires can cause serious electrical problems and even house fires if they aren’t taken care of immediately.

There are also a few benefits to rewiring your home. You’ll experience fewer electrical issues, your appliances won’t burn out as quickly, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your property is safer. Plus, whole-home rewiring could increase your home’s resale value and make any future remodeling projects easier.

Service Professor’s knowledgeable electricians will ensure your home is rewired properly. Once we’re finished, we’ll check our work to ensure everything is working as it should.

Trust Service Professor With Your Home Rewiring Project in Michigan

Home rewiring is best left to the professionals to ensure your family’s safety and prevent damage to your property. Make Service Professor your go-to company for home rewiring services in Grand Rapids, MI, and surrounding areas. We use top-notch tools and tested techniques to rewire your home quickly and correctly.

You’ll be impressed by the quality of our work and our friendly electricians. We’ll always go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy with our services.

If you need whole-home rewiring services, contact us online or call 616-871-1900 today.

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