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Service Professor is a full-service HVAC company in Grandville, MI. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality heating and cooling services across Grand Rapids.

From a small company in the city of Grandville in 1978, we have grown to one of the largest and most respected HVAC companies in Grandville and the West Michigan area. This is in part due to our dedication to providing quality service and only employing the best technicians.

From your first service request call or online request, you will be met with courteous service. And throughout the time you work with a Service Professor technician, you are assured of professional service and quality workmanship.

Benefits of Choosing Service Professor

  • Full-service HVAC company in Grandville
  • Residential and commercial HVAC services
  • Licensed, professional HVAC contractors
  • Preventative maintenance service
  • 24/7 customer service
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Air Conditioning System Repairs and Installations

When the heat hits in the summer months, it can be pretty unforgiving. So, it’s very important to ensure that you can count on your air conditioning unit when summer rolls around.

But, your AC system is most likely to malfunction when it works its hardest. So, instead of being at the mercy of the Summer, have your AC unit serviced before the season starts and at the end so that you know that you will be covered no matter what.

Service Professor offers comprehensive and affordable AC maintenance packages for homes and businesses. These services are designed to accommodate your current and future needs and the type of system that you have. Let us show you what quality servicing and maintenance can do for your comfort, energy efficiency, and life of your system.

Heating Repairs and Installations, Grandville, MI

Have you noticed that your energy bills are higher than they should be during the winter months? This could be a result of the age of your furnace or heating system. And if it is older than 10-15 years, it will not be as energy-efficient as newer models.

Further, if your heating system is working harder than normal, that will also contribute to higher energy bills.

If this is the case, then you need to have your furnace serviced quickly by an expert. Servicing as soon as possible helps to pick up any major problems that can be fixed. And if it is best to replace the unit, then it should be replaced now rather than wait until it dies in the middle of winter.

At Service Professor in Grandville, MI, we handle repairs and installations for:

We take care of all the components of your heating system so that you will always have warmth when you need it most.

Improved Ventilation for Comfort and Health

Our services deliver the right balance of humidity and dryness in your home to make you comfortable and prevent the growth of bacterial agents and fungi. This directly affects your indoor air quality and the health of the occupants of your building whether it’s a home or business.

It is necessary to maintain your air ducts, replace your filters regularly, and clean your vents. In addition, pair these services with additional devices such as UV lighting and humidifiers, and dehumidifiers for a whole indoor healthy environment.

Ask about Service Professor’s indoor air quality services as well as arrange an affordable HVAC preventative maintenance plan today with Service Professor.

Reliable HVAC Services in Grandville, MI

Emergencies are never at a convenient time. You need a company that makes time for your emergency. And can respond quickly to all your heating or cooling emergencies no matter the time or day.

If you need emergency HVAC service in Grandville or Grand Rapids, Michigan, call Service Professor. We provide 24-hour customer service and can schedule your repair ASAP.

Our technicians are trained to handle the most complex problems quickly and faster than expected. They take pride in their work and as always leave our customers happy.

We are available throughout the Grand Rapids metropolitan area for all services related to heating and cooling in your home or business. Our promise is a 100% satisfaction with our services. And this is a pledge we stand by.

For all your residential and commercial heating and cooling needs, call the experts at Service Professor – 616-871-1900.

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