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Things To Do While Stuck At Home


Cabin Fever

While we are all doing our part to practice social distancing and help keep the spread of the COVID-19 virus at bay, we, unfortunately, are faced with the lesser evil: complete boredom. For a lot of us, it may have been a while since you’ve had a full house! After a certain period of time of being stuck at home, you inevitably run out of things to do. You’ve covered all the cleaning, binged all your favorite Netflix series, and even painted a self-portrait, now what!? It’s important that we remain inside and avoid the outside world, but how can we do this and still keep our sanity? While we may not have all the answers, we do have a couple of fun ideas that could make your days a little less boring. Whether you’re looking to be productive or just something to do, we’ve got a solution! 

Family Activities

When’s the last time you had enough time to sit down and complete a puzzle? It’s probably been a while! A puzzle is a great project for the whole family! Split up the puzzle into different areas and have someone cover each one! Start with small puzzles and work your way up to more challenging ones! Share your photos with us on our Facebook Page

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore! Adult coloring books have paved their way into our lives, and they’re surprisingly calming to do! Spend some time with your kids and color with them! Remember, it’s okay to color outside the lines! It’s all in good fun.

Bob Ross Painting
Have you watched the famous Bob Ross videos on YouTube yet? Not only are they surprisingly easy to do with his instruction, but incredibly calming. Bob Ross has got a way with words, and we’re listening! Set up a studio in your living room in front of the TV and cue up Bob Ross. He’ll reassure you that in art, there are no mistakes. Only happy accidents! Visit his videos here

Board Games
Dust off your old board games and line them up! Board games are a great way to get your whole family involved in a little friendly competition. Take a trip back to Candyland, or raise some chaos with Monopoly! For a little extra fun, add prizes! Host a board games competition and include a final championship! You can even go as far as to host a ceremony. Now is not a time for judging! Being stuck at home means getting creative!

Dance it Out
If you have teenagers, you’re probably familiar with the social media channel, TikTok! This video-based social media platform lets users post and share videos, and a common trend is dancing! Take your shot at mastering an infamous TikTok dance with your kids! Warning, these dances aren’t like the old days! Prepare to get low and twist!


Who doesn’t love some time in the kitchen crafting up recipes? Dig out your old family recipe books and dive into some recipes you haven’t tasted in a while! Your kids are the perfect sidekick to tackle any baking project. Keep everyone busy with baking, remember you need taste testers! We’ve got some great recipes to share from the President’s Mother, Mama K. If you’re looking for some inspiration send us a message! We’ll share some recipes!

Look Ahead
What better way to stay positive than by creating a list of all the places you want to visit when things get back to normal! Think of this as your quarantine bucket-list! Gather the whole family around and grab a whiteboard! Museums, Aquariums, Zoos, Concerts, Parks, Vacation Destinations, you name it! Tip: Check aquarium websites, they may have live streaming! Places like Shed Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois have online streaming of their aquariums! Check it out here.

Stay Safe

During this time, it’s more important than ever that we adhere to guidelines set in place for our health and safety. We must band together as a community and do our due diligence to keep our families safe! Being stuck at home may not be at the top of the list of most exciting things to do, but it doesn’t have to be all that boring. Get inventive and creative! Our own kids are a great source of inspiration. Whether you decide to pick up a puzzle or battle it out in a friendly board game tournament, we hope you and your family are staying safe!

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