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5 Signs You Have Poor Water Quality

5 Signs You Have Poor Water Quality

When it comes to water in our homes we don’t put too much thought into it on a daily basis. We turn on the faucets or shower and just expect water. The issue is sometimes the water you have grown used to expecting is severely lacking. Or, you are so used to high water quality that you don’t expect the sudden change when it starts to go downhill. No need to worry, we have some obvious and not so obvious signs you need water filtration and greater water treatment. 

1. Bad Taste

This goes without a lot of explanation. If the water coming out of your sinks or appliances tastes bad there is a larger problem at hand. No one wants to drink water that has a poor taste. This means you are probably spending a large amount of money on bottled water per year. A simple water purification system can pay for itself in less than a year when you stop purchasing so much bottled water. 

2. Smelly Water 

Do you turn on the water and immediately start to notice a smell, that’s all you need as a key indicator there is an issue. Bad smelling water isn’t something you should be drinking or even showering in daily. Whatever you are exposing your skin to is what your skin is absorbing. Save yourself issues and simply eliminate this issue with higher water quality and water purification. 

3. Discolored Water 

Are you tired of cleaning your toilets, showers, sinks, and tubs that are covered in yellow and orange stains. Say goodbye to those hard water stains when you say hello to a home water filtration and purification. This is such a simple and easy thing to have installed that will eliminate a lot of daily wear and tear on your home. Not only is that water staining your hard surfaces, but it’s also staining your skin, hair, and clothes. 

4. Dry Skin

Excess minerals and harsh elements in your water are going directly into and onto your body. No amount of lotion can fully reverse the dryness it can cause. These things pull all the moisture from your skin and they can leave a film on your skin. When they leave these minerals behind you are putting lotion over top of them but cannot fully remove them if you are exposing your skin to it on a daily basis. A water softener can remove these things and keep your skin and hair softer and balanced. 

5. Poor Water Pressure 

Low water pressure could be a result of a mineral build-up in your pipes and fixtures. These mineral deposits build over time and eventually start to block the amount of water that can move through the pipe. A simple water softener could help you gain water pressure in no time! 

More key signs exist so you know the quality of water in your home. You can click here to read more! When looking for someone to consult you on water treatment, purification, or softening you can call us here at Service Professor to help! 

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