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Uneven Room Temperatures at Home

It’s that time of year! We’re starting to prep our costumes for Halloween, trade our garden tools for rakes, and turn on the furnace for the season! Do you notice a change in temperature as you travel from room to room in your home? As with all things, the best way to find a solution is to pinpoint the problem! Here are a couple of tips to check out before giving your local Service Professor technician a call. 

1. Blocked or Leaky Ductwork 
Have you ever had your air ducts cleaned? Did you know that blocked or leaky air ducts are one of the biggest culprits for uneven temperatures? Air ducts that are full of dust, dirt, and dander aren’t doing your HVAC System or Indoor Air Quality any good! Our homes Heating and Cooling systems redistribute the air that runs through the ductwork, so anything up there you eventually end up breathing in! 

2. Thermostat Location 

Hey, is this thing on? It may seem like an afterthought, but thermostats are located in specific areas of our homes for a reason! For example, having your thermostat positioned in direct sunlight might produce false readings. The thermostat records the temperature of your home (specifically the room in which it is placed) and uses that information to judge whether the HVAC system needs to kick on. Where is yours in your West Michigan home? 

3. Blocked Air Vents
Do you keep your vents open or closed? By keeping your vents open, you allow for the air to circulate throughout your home! Even in rooms, you do not frequent, keeping the vents open will ensure that air is still flowing. If you walk into a room and notice a dramatic difference in temperature, check your vents! 

4. Insulation Issues
Whether your insulation is too old or thin, having poor insulation makes it difficult to regulate temperatures throughout your grand rapids home! If your home suffers from poor insulation, chances are you might be dealing with uneven temperatures. To reduce the chance of this happening, take some time to seal your windows and add any insulation where it might be lacking. 

As seasoned veterans of Michigans Winter season, we understand the importance of keeping warm indoors! Keep your heat where it belongs, inside! If you notice any uneven temperatures in your home, do a little investigating! If you need assistance, you know you can always count on your local Service Professor technicians to come and Fix it in a Snap! 




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