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Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs An Upgrade

As a homeowner, it comes as no surprise that equipment in your home requires maintenance over time. Electrical panels, or circuit breakers, are no different. Aside from the fact that they are out of sight and typically out of mind, we usually come in contact with our electrical panel only in the unfortunate event we need to reset a breaker! With infrequent visits, how can you tell if you need to replace your electrical panel? Here are a few tell-tale signs that your electrical panel is in need of replacement. 

Knowing the Warning Signs 

1. It’s Old! 

Do you know how old your electrical panel is?  If you don’t, chances are it might be relatively old. Homes today have more electrical needs than they did in the past! Making sure your electrical panel is up to date and is equipped to power your home is important to consider. It’s a good idea to have an experienced electrician take a look if you have concerns about the age of your electrical panel.

2. Frequent Tripped Breakers 

If you are constantly resetting breakers, it could be a sign that your electrical panel cannot power the electrical needs of your home. Tripped breakers happen to everyone. In fact, they are designed to do just that! As a necessary safety measure, circuit breakers “trip” to protect your home from overloaded and short circuits. Even dangerous electrical fires. So, tripped breakers are actually a good thing, just not when it’s happening around the clock!

3.) Burning Smells 

As with any area of your home, there is always cause for concern when you start to smell something burning. In the case of your electrical panel, the concern is a little bit higher. Seeing as 51,000 electrical accidents happen each year according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. Hence, if you notice burning smells coming from outlets or your electrical panel, call Service Professor! 

4.) Appliance Upgrades 

Have you made major appliance upgrades lately? Larger appliances require a higher electrical draw than older appliances and typically will need an upgraded electrical panel for the extra capacity required.  If you are planning to upgrade some appliances in the near future, ensure your electrical panel is up for the challenge!

5.) Electrical Panel is Warm

Although we aren’t usually around our electrical panels, it’s always a good idea to do a round check and make sure nothing is unusual. One of our electrical panels’ key functions is to regulate the temperature of your electrical system. If you notice that your electrical panel is warm to the touch, it could signal to underlying issues with your panel. Tip: Check your outlets, too! Are there signs of overheating?

Don’t Delay, Call Service Professor Today!

There are many signs that your electrical panel is in need of an upgrade. As homeowners, we rely on electricity to power us through the day! Make sure your home is well equipped-and SAFE to handle the needs of your family! Whether you are looking to increase amperage, diagnose a safety issue, or install a new electrical circuit, our electricians have the expertise and equipment necessary for completing professional circuit breaker repairs and replacements quickly and efficiently. Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed! 


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