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Home System Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners


Pets & Your Home

Pet’s provide us with a type of unconditional love that goes unmatched! If you’ve had pets throughout your life, you get it. Where else can you get a bellyaching laugh, warm (sometimes forced) snuggles, and complete innocence? Let’s be honest, some days you would rather look into the eyes of your fur baby than anyone else. You also know if you’ve had pets all your life that they come bearing gifts! Endless allergies, unwanted stains, and fur accessories for every outfit! If you find yourself carrying a box of kleenex in one hand and the vacuum cleaner in the other, this is for you. Keep your allergies, fur babies, and heating system in check this winter with these quick tips!

Keeping Fur, Dander, and Dirt Out of Your System

You don’t need us to tell you that it’s a good idea to groom your pet. As a busy homeowner, you likely schedule time out of your day to look after your fur baby. Feeding, taking outside, playing fetch or snuggling. But what about grooming or brushing? Just like you brush your teeth every night (and maybe theirs), you should brush their fur! This is even more true for pets that shed rather excessively. Unwanted pet hair will make its way to your home’s filter interrupting the flow of air and build up dander and allergens. If you or someone in your home is fighting with allergies on a daily basis and you have a fur baby at home, try grooming regularly. Set aside 5 minutes a few nights a week to groom your pet now and avoid allergies later!

Filters For The Win

If you can’t find the time or consistency in your days to groom your pet- we get that too. Keep in mind that your air filters will build up with hair debris rather quickly. Meaning, you’ll need to change or clean them more regularly to keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently. It doesn’t stop there. What about dander? Skin particles that spray the air each time your pet shakes? Add in a sprinkle of dust and your air filter is sure to be underperforming in your home. If you have more than one pet in your household, cleaning your air filters regularly is important to the air quality in your home. Don’t put your health on hold!

Air Ducts…Ducts…Dog Hair

Even grooming isn’t going to solve all the world’s home allergen problems. Hair and debris are still going to find their way to your air ducts. You’ll be able to identify if you are due for an air duct cleaning if you notice you’re changing or cleaning your air filters often. Although it’s always a good idea to have air duct cleaning scheduled regularly, especially in the case of having multiple pets in your home. You can do this yourself, but you run the risk of breathing in dirty air. We recommended calling in a Service Professional technician for a duct cleaning service.

Call Service Professor!

Keep your home heating system and fur babies in harmony with these quick tips for increased air quality. When you think about how much dirt, debris, and hair sheds off of your pets; consider how much of that is circulating in your home. Call a Service Professor expert today to get your routine maintenance scheduled! Regular maintenance prevents downtime and keeps you, your pets and your HVAC system purring happily!

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