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When you need exceptional plumbing service, trust the team at Service Professor. We’re proud to offer comprehensive plumbing services to the residents of Walker, MI, from our licensed and insured technicians.

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Since 1978, we’ve provided high-quality service with upfront pricing, and with our free estimates on replacement quotes and various coupons, we’ll work with your budget to fix it in a snap.

For outstanding plumbing service near Walker, contact the team at Service Professor today!

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Offering Complete Plumbing Solutions in Walker, MI

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Service Professor offers a variety of general plumbing services to make sure your water, pipes, and fixtures are always operating at peak performance, including:

  • Repair: From frozen and burst pipes to clogged toilets, there’s no plumbing issue we can’t handle. Call us for dripping faucets, low water pressure, leaking toilets, and more.
  • Installation: Our team expertly installs all your kitchen and bathroom needs. We handle a variety of installations, including fixtures like faucets and sinks, and appliances like garbage disposals and water purification systems.
  • Inspection: To prevent costly repairs and provide peace of mind, our technicians can perform thorough inspections of your plumbing to ensure you’re up to code and not at risk of any plumbing catastrophes. 
  • Leak detection: Leaks in your pipes can lead to expensive water damage and significant amounts of wasted water. With our sophisticated tools and technology, we’ll find and repair even the smallest leak.
  • Basement leaks: Basement leaks can lead to major flooding if left unchecked. Trust our team to fix leaks quickly to keep your basement dry.
  • Garbage disposals: Your garbage disposal is the workhorse of your kitchen. If yours has issues or needs replacement, our plumbers will help diagnose the problem and provide the necessary service to get it running again quickly.
  • Water filtration: To make sure your family is only drinking clean, healthy water, consider our water filtration services. We offer whole-house filtration systems to remove harmful contaminants from your water.
  • Gas lines: Gas leaks are a serious hazard in your home. With our gas leak detections, repairs, and replacements, we’ll make sure your home and family are safe.

When you need plumbing repairs or upgrades from an expert plumbing company in Walker, MI, call our team!

Drain & Sewer Line Service

At Service Professor, we offer a variety of drain and sewer services to ensure that your pipes are always flowing clear. With our drain cleaning services, we’ll unclog even the most clogged drains that cause foul odors and serious plumbing problems.

Signs you need drain cleaning include:

  • Standing water in sinks
  • Slow drainage
  • Bad odors
  • Frequent clogs
  • Gurgling noises
  • Overflowing toilets

If your sewer line is no longer effectively moving waste water away from your home, trust our team for superior sewer repair and replacement in the Walker, MI area.

We have the newest and most efficient technology and tools to help locate cracked and broken sewer lines to provide the proper solutions, including trenchless sewer repair.

Complete Water Heater Repair & Replacement

We know residents in Walker need hot water for showers, dishes, laundry, and more. With our water heater repairs and replacements, we’ll make sure your system can provide the hot water you need. Our team has the knowledge and skills to service traditional and tankless water heaters.

Traditional Water Heaters

For homes with traditional water heaters, Service Professor offers comprehensive services. From expert installations and replacements to reliable and long-lasting repairs, you can rest assured that your water heater is in excellent hands.

Tankless Water Heaters

Many homeowners have upgraded to tankless water heaters in their homes. Unlike a traditional system, a tankless option offers unlimited hot water on demand. These units are easy to install and take up far less space.

Our team of experts can help you with all your tankless needs, including installation, replacement, and repair. 

The team at Service Professor is here for all your water heater needs. Call 616-871-1900 today to schedule a service.

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