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An efficient, reliable plumbing system in your Michigan home is a quick ticket to cozy living. Trust the licensed plumbing professionals at Service Professor for the best, most comprehensive plumbing services in the Cedar Springs area.

From Long Lake Park to Deer Tracks Junction, we’ll fix your plumbing problems in a snap. Check out our MVP Protection Plan for advanced member benefits and priority service.

Need Help? We will fix it in a snap!

Drain & Sewer

Whether it’s clogged drains or issues with your sewer line, drain and sewer problems can be a hassle. Leave it to the licensed, dependable pros at Service Professor for expert services from drain cleaning to sewer repair and placement.

Signs you need drain cleaning

  • Slow water drainage: If individual locations such as sinks, showers, or toilets are draining too slowly, this could mean you need drain cleaning.
  • Pooling water: If you’re seeing pooling water near any fixtures, this may indicate a clogged drain.
  • Odd sounds or odors: Noticing unusual noises or smells in or around your fixtures? This may be a sign that your drains could use cleaning.

Leave it to the plumbing pros at Service Professor for expert drain and sewer services by scheduling service for your Michigan home today.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

A Service Professor plumber repairing a tankless water heater.

No one enjoys the shock of an ice-cold shower. Keep the hot water flowing with water heater repair and replacement from Service Professor. Whether you have a traditional or tankless water heater, Service Professor is here to help.

Traditional Water Heaters

Our highly trained experts are here to install, replace, and repair your home’s traditional water heater system. Take advantage of an affordable, conventional storage tank to store hot water for later use.

Tankless Water Heaters

Bring energy costs down and improve your home’s efficiency with tankless water heaters that bring more benefits, such as on-demand hot water, while conveniently taking up less space. Rely on Service Professor for easy installation, repair, or replacement of your Michigan home’s tankless water heater.

Contact Service Professor today to schedule professional service for your Cedar Springs home’s water heater system.

Cedar Springs’ Top Choice for All Plumbing Services

Service Professor has been the leading plumbing company in Michigan since 1978 and is dedicated to providing a wide range of plumbing services, such as:

  • Repairs: From frozen or burst pipes to pesky clogs, our plumbing experts will fix it in a snap.
  • Installation: From minor fixture updates to complete revamps of your kitchen or bathroom, we’ve got you covered.
  • Leak detection: Service Professor will swiftly detect and implement the necessary solution for leaks in your home’s fixtures.
  • Basement leaks: Flooded basements are no fun. Our professionals will act fast to prevent further damage and mold growth.
  • Garbage disposals: Keep home dining fun by ensuring your kitchen has the most efficient garbage disposal system.
  • Water filtration: You can depend on our pros to service a whole-house water filtration system that will deliver pure, filtered water for your enjoyment. 
  • Gas lines: Ensure your gas lines are safe with comprehensive repairs that will keep you comfortable and keep your appliances efficient.

For five decades, Service Professor has made the customer our number one priority and worked hard to ensure superior, quality service from our licensed and insured plumbers. No matter the job, we’ll fix it in a snap!

For all-inclusive plumbing services in Cedar Springs or nearby, contact Service Professor today to get your free quote.

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