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Picturesque and nestled in a scenic part of Grand Rapids, residents of our upscale suburb of Ada Township don’t always need plumbing service. But, when they do, they call Service Professor.

They know we’re reliable professionals who will handle their residential and business plumbing needs with care.

A Service Professor plumber repairing a tankless water heater.

Here’s what sets us apart from other plumbers in the Grand Rapids area:

  • Over 40 years of service
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Honest, upfront, and affordable pricing
  • Company-licensed, bonded, and insured
  • All plumbers are background-checked and drug-tested
  • 100% satisfaction guarantees

We offer a wide range of plumbing services tailored for commercial and residential clients in Ada, MI. Contact us today to quickly and easily schedule a service.

Residential Plumbing Protection Plan – We Take Care of Your Home

Enjoy superior specials and protections under the MVP Protection Plan. Designed to cover your every residential plumbing need, this specialty service for our most valued customers is a cut above the rest.

From leak detection to inspections, repairs, and general plumbing maintenance, our professionals keep your home’s plumbing system running smoothly.

As a member of our home plumbing protection plan, you’ll enjoy:

  • Annual evaluations
  • Reduced service fees
  • Discounts on service work

Complete Plumbing Repair & Installation

Service Professor plumbers are trained to handle your everyday plumbing issues, whether large or small. We know plumbing problems can range from a minor inconvenience like a dripping tap to major problems like a blocked drain.

That’s why our technicians are equipped to manage any common and not-so-common plumbing issues you may encounter.

Kitchen Plumbing

Service Professor’s kitchen plumbing services in Ada, Michigan, will cover all your needs. From garbage disposals to dishwashers, our experts can repair or install your kitchen plumbing equipment.

Whether you need water filters, a new kitchen sink, upgraded faucets, or cleared pipes, we’re the team to call anytime. With us, you can enjoy the hub of your home without the disruptions of plumbing problems.

Bathroom Plumbing

Our bathroom plumbing services for residential and commercial customers in Ada are just as detailed and comprehensive as our kitchen plumbing services. With new bathroom sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers, we can help you upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom.

Our plumbers are fully trained and able to improve the functionality of your bathroom with better working pipes, faucets, and shower fixtures. You can relax in your bath knowing all your plumbing needs are well taken care of by Service Professor.

Need Help? We'll Fix It in a Snap!

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Enjoy more hot water, better efficiency, and lower utility bills with water heater services from Service Professor. Cold showers are not enjoyable and getting our clothes and dishes clean without hot water can be difficult. We all understand the value of our water heaters and know how much they’re needed for a comfortable life.

At Service Professor, we know the best way to make sure we always have hot water is to schedule regular maintenance. We can repair, maintain, and replace a variety of water heater systems, including:

No matter the brand or type, Service Professor’s plumbers in Ada will help you enjoy the full benefits of your water heater with reliable repairs and maintenance.

Clogged Drain & Sewer Cleaning Services

Get your drains and sewer cleaned faster with Service Professor. A blocked drain affects all your home activities. Washing plates, flushing the toilets, having a shower. It affects most of what you need to do at home.

No matter if the block is a simple fix, such as removing grease from your drain lines, or a significant problem, such as tree roots in your sewer; we can handle it. Ask about our trenchless sewer repair methods and enjoy superior repair and maintenance work.

Leak Detection & Repairs

A burst pipe aboveground is easily detected. Underground leaks are a bit harder to find, especially if the plumber isn’t trained in leak detection.

Leaks can stem from a variety of problems. But, no matter the source, our professional plumbers will find and fix it. Whether it’s a case of low water pressure, block drains, or damaged pipes, once you call us, we’ll quickly identify the leak to prevent costly structural damage to your property.

Our leak detection services include finding and repairing:

So, no matter the leaks you may have in your Ada home or office, you can depend on us to find them and fix them in no time.

Trust the Most Reliable Plumbers in Ada, MI

The beauty of having Service Professor on speed dial is that you can trust our plumbers to respond with 24/7 customer service. Plumbing emergencies don’t happen on schedule, but your plumber should be available to handle them when they happen.

So, even though you won’t always need us, you should have our contact information at your fingertips.

Call 616-871-1900 as soon as you have an emergency. Our rapid-response plumbing teams are always standing by.

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