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Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Home

The temperatures are slowly starting to climb, and each day is feeling a little bit better than the last here in West Michigan! While we’re anxiously awaiting the shift from Spring to Summer, we’ve got a couple of things to take care of first! Before we get to enjoy the aroma of May flowers, we have to make it through to April showers. But before April showers, unfortunately, we’re stuck with spring cleaning. It may not be the best job in the world, but trust us when we say it is one of the most beneficial cleaning jobs you can tackle. Get ready to get down and dirty with this spring cleaning list to ensure your home’s heating and cooling system is ready to take on balmy summer days in West Michigan. 


Windows: Where do you start brushing off the remnants of Winter? One of the first places to begin is your windows! Don’t let dust and dirt create a second set of blinds for your windows. Let that sunlight in! Cleaning your windows in the spring will make a huge difference in the amount of natural light entering your home. Let that light in! Enjoy the warmth that comes through our windows this time of year-don’t block it out! 

Filters: Next, make a couple of rounds and check on filters within your home. Having the windows open as the weather warms is a great way to get fresh air-and let dust and grime in. Spring is a great time to restore efficiency to all your home’s major appliances. Here is a list of commonly missed filters that can get pretty grimy: 

  • A/C Condenser
  • HVAC
  • Range Vent Hood
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Air Humidifier
  • Fridge Water Dispenser

Be prepared, if these haven’t been changed in a while, you might be in for a surprise! Most of these filters are a quick exchange, but if you find yourself stuck, give your friends at Service Professor a call. 

Ductwork: Although cleaning your air ducts isn’t a DIY job, we definitely recommend adding this to your list of to-dos! You can easily check the condition of your ductwork yourself. Are they discolored and coated with fine, dark dust? If you remove the cover, reach in and wipe its sides with a damp rag, what color is your rag now? You’ll know what you need to do after seeing this! This is a quick way to check if your ducts need a spring cleaning touch up. 


A/C Condenser: Get ready to sit back and enjoy the warm weather knowing you’re prepared no matter how hot it gets! Prepping your A/C for Spring is KEY to ensure it keeps you cool all summer long. Start by removing dust and debris that have accumulated on the A/C condenser so that the AC works efficiently. Just look for the big metal box outside your house, that’s your A/C condenser! To speed up the process you can hook up your garden hose and give it a spray, just make sure the water pressure is like so you avoid bending the fins of the unit.

Siding: Give the exterior of your home a fresh new look at a low-cost! Washing your homes siding with soap and warm water is an effective way to remove dirt built up over the long winter months. This is a quick, cost-effective way to get your home prepped and looking fresh for the new season ahead. 


Clear Drainage from A/C Unit: You might think this is something you can’t tackle yourself, but it’s a lot easier than it sounds! Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable with this step our technicians at Service Professor would be happy to help. A/C units typically have a drainage hole located near the base, below the evaporator fins. In order to ensure your unit will work when you want it to, check to make sure this hole is cleared out with no obstructions. Send us a message if you have any questions! You don’t want to risk causing unnecessary damage to your system! 

How old is your A/C unit? Grand Rapids summers are nothing if hot and humid. And the last thing you want to deal with is AC repairs in the middle of that heat. Consider the age of your system and reach out to your Heating and Cooling Experts to answer any questions you might have regarding the efficiency of your system. 

*Right now we are offering a limited time only deal- Buy an A/C and get a Furnace FREE! Kill two birds with one stone and make sure your home is prepared for all of West Michigan’s elements.

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