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Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal


Garbage Disposals have become somewhat of a necessity in households today. Oftentimes referred to as the “workhorse” of the kitchen. Although they do a killer job grinding up food waste, they sometimes flat out “stink”. Are foul odors keeping you out of the kitchen altogether? If you’re dealing with a stinky sink, check out these quick tips to conquer unwanted odors while improving your drainage at the same time. You can trust your Service Professor experts to make sure you are well taken care of! 

To Toss or Not 

There’s always one or two things we question tossing down the kitchen sink. Should we really have done that? A good rule of thumb to go by is if you’re questioning it, you probably should just throw it away or compost it. Avoid throwing tough, fibrous foods and oils down your kitchen’s garbage disposal. But, before you do any type of cleaning with your garbage disposal, make sure you UNPLUG it underneath the sink. Although your hands shouldn’t be anywhere near the grinding chamber of your garbage disposal, it is a good safety precaution to take. 

Cleaning Hacks 

Boiling Water & Dish Soap: This is a great way to flush out your drains and sink altogether. Fill your sink with hot water and a squirt of dish soap and let it fill. Once full, turn on your disposal and watch that soapy water go bye-bye along with some pesky odors. 

Baking Soda & Vinegar: If the boiling water and dish soap don’t quite reach the level of cleanliness you need, try a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Usually, a couple of tablespoons of baking soda and a cup or two of vinegar will do the trick. Add the baking soda followed by the vinegar and let it sit for 5-10 minutes to break up and move along any food waste particles. After a set time, pour boiling water down the drain to flush everything out. 

Citrus Peels/Ice: Has your grandma ever told you to throw some orange or lemon peels down the garbage disposal when it stinks? She wasn’t wrong! Orange and Lemon peels serve as great deodorizers for your garbage disposal. Just make sure when you toss a couple of peels down you still have the water running. And ice cubes! We recently debunked the myth of throwing ice cubes down your garbage disposal in a previous Facebook post. Do they sharpen your garbage disposal blades? No, garbage disposals do not have blades. They instead have impellers that spin rapidly creating a bladelike effect. They cannot be sharpened with ice cubes, but they can be cleaned! Throwing a handful of ice cubes down your kitchen garbage disposal is a great way to fight tough food waste that gets stuck or crushed between the impellers. Do this after you toss in your orange or lemon rinds so that the ice can get any peels left behind!

Avoid using any harsh chemicals down your kitchen drain or garbage disposal!

Maintenance Checklist

Here is a checklist to work through to keep your garbage disposal working efficiently. 

  • Regular Cleaning (Using one of the above methods)
  • Run your garbage disposal regularly-even if you’re not using it to prevent rust and corrosion. 
  • Grind and dispose of food waste while running cold water to solidify any unwanted fats or oils that are in the sink. 
  • Always cut food waste items into smaller pieces to avoid clogged garbage disposal. 
  • While using the disposal, do not turn off until waste is fully ground. Continue allowing water to run for at least 15 seconds after turning off the disposal.

Your Trusted Grand Rapids Garbage Disposal Repair Team

Like anything else in your home, garbage disposals require a little TLC too. The convenience of a garbage disposal today is incredible, and you never realize that until your own garbage disposal stops working. Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary for keeping your garbage disposal working properly. If you have tried all of these cleaning hacks and are still dealing with unwanted odors, you may be dealing with more serious plumbing or drain issues. Call your local repair experts at Service Professor today! We’ll fix it in a snap! 

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