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Having a plumbing problem? Looking to find a reliable plumber near you in Grandville, MI? When you need fast and dependable plumbing services in Grand Rapids or other parts of West Michigan, call Service Professor.

With us, you are getting the best plumbers in Grandville. You will be assigned plumbing contractors that respond quickly to your service requests. And they arrive equipped and ready to work.

Request your business plumbing services or house plumbing needs today. Call us at 616-871-1900 to quickly schedule your plumbing service call. Choose from our comprehensive list of services, some of which are listed below.

Need Help? We Will Fix It In A Snap!

Residential and Commercial Plumbing Repairs & Installations in Grandville, MI

Our Expert plumbers can work with both residential and commercial properties. Your plumbing service is in good hands working with Service Professor:

  • 24-hour customer service
  • Upfront pricing
  • Fast response
  • Trained plumbers who are knowledgeable in all aspects of their craft

Service Professor’s residential plumbing services are more than enough to keep your home’s plumbing working efficiently all day.

Water Heaters – Tankless Water Heaters and Tank Water Heaters

Choose Service Professor for water heater installations and repairs that keep your water hot and you comfortable. We service a variety of brands and types of water heaters so that you will always have a ready supply of hot water for a variety of uses.

  • Tankless water heaters
  • Tanked water heaters
  • Gas hot water heater
  • Electric hot water heater

Burst Pipe Repairs, Clogged Drain Cleaning

Too often customers try to fix certain plumbing problems with disastrous results. Not all plumbing issues are simple DIY tasks. Most of them require that well-trained plumbers address the problem for best results. Two of those plumbing problems that need a qualified plumber is burst pipes and clogged drains.

Burst pipe repairs :

A burst pipe could stem from the fact that your lines are dated and are in serious need of an upgrade. Or, your water heater pipes get damaged, your pipes get exposed to cold air or water freezes in the lines. Some burst pipes are above ground. Others are underground and require leak detection services. But, no matter the cause of the rupture, you should find a qualified plumber to do the repairs properly. With Service Professor, our plumbers can quickly find the problem and fix it to your satisfaction.

Clogged drain cleaning :

A clogged drain, whether it’s a regular line or your sewer pipes, can be a major inconvenience in the home or business place. Not being able to use your sinks in a restaurant. Having the toilets backed up at a school. Inability to bathe or cook at home because of clogged drains. When these issues arise, contact Service Professor.

We have worked with a variety of businesses as well as homeowners across Grandville to quickly get their lines cleared. With snaking and hydro jetting, we have the necessary tools to do the job right.

Reliable Gas and Water Leak Detection and Repair in Grandville

Pipe spring a leak? If you suspect that you have a gas or water leak, let us take care of it fast. Our quick response will help you protect your property. We use a variety of methods to test and detect leaks. And when we are though, our knowledgeable plumbers will explain to you how to limit leaks in the future.

Contact us for:

Give us a call today at 616-871-1900 and an expert handyman will respond quickly to your plumbing service needs.

Plumbing Maintenance Plan

If you would like a stress-free way to keep your home or business plumbing systems in great condition, consider a maintenance plan. As part of the Service Professor Protection Plan, we offer comprehensive plumbing services and priority support. This keeps our clients’ plumbing systems and appliances and equipment working smoothly and lower their repair costs over time.

From the bathroom to the kitchen and beyond, our protection plan is geared at securing all your plumbing needs throughout your property.

Contact Service Professor and one of our trusted plumbing contractors will help you devise a detailed service plan that is just right for you.

Find Your Plumber in Grandville at Service Professor

Our people make all the difference at Service Professor. From our courteous staff that will answer your questions over the phone or online, to our professional plumbers who meet you on site, you will experience quality customer service from start to finish.

Click here to read our customer reviews. And when you’re ready for the best plumbing contractors in Grandville, schedule your service visit online or call us at 616-871-1900

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