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Find skilled, professional electricians in Comstock Park with Service Professor.

We offer both residential and commercial electrician services to the West Michigan area. For cities such as Comstock Park, we are the first choice for many home and business owners. They know they can find the best in electrical services in the area with Service Professor.

We are your local Comstock Park electrical contractor company. Our electricians are knowledgeable, trained, licensed, and insured. We deliver professional service for every job, no matter the size. And our experienced technicians can handle all your electrical installation, repairs, and maintenance needs.

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Electrical Services in Comstock Park, MI

Home Safety Inspections:

Faulty wiring can cause electrical fires. They can also lead to power surges damaging your appliances and equipment. If you want to ensure that your home electrical system is safe, then schedule a Home Safety Inspection with Service Professor. Our very detailed process ensures that we assess all the necessary areas of your electrical system.

Upgrade Service Panel/Breaker Panels:

Do you have a lot of electrical appliances in your home or electrical equipment in your business? You must ensure that your breaker panels can handle the amount of power required by them. If you are unsure whether the tripping of your breaker might be because you need an upgrade, call us for an inspection. Our expert electricians will assess the issues and if an upgrade is necessary, deliver the service quickly and most efficiently.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting:

Proper lighting can transform the way your space looks and affect the ambiance that you want to create. So, do you have a restaurant and club that you want to ensure the lighting sets the mood? Or do you have an office where your employees need better lighting? Are you looking to improve the lighting at your home? Service Professor can handle all these lighting issues and more – fast and professionally.

Install or Repair Switches and Outlets:

Electrical outlet and switch placements are essential for convenience and efficiency. Whether it’s your home or office, placement is crucial. If you must use an extension cord on a daily basis because you have too many items to plug in or the outlet isn’t close enough then you should consider installing new outlets. These can be done quickly with Service Professor.

Portable and Standby Generators:

Having backup power in the event of a power cut or low voltage problems is essential. This is especially important if you want to run a smooth business or make your home more convenient. To ensure that you will always have backup power in an emergency, you need to have your generators maintained regularly. Service Professor provides generator installation and maintenance services that keep you ready for action.

Electrical Maintenance Plans:

Join the Service Professor Home Protection Plan. You will access our comprehensive electrical maintenance program. It is designed with your needs in mind and done to ensure your electrical safety and protection. With our extremely affordable protection plan, you are safeguarding your property and extending the life of your equipment. And that’s an investment that can’t be beat.

Fast, Reliable Electrical Service

Electrical malfunctions and electrical problems have no schedule. Therefore, you need access to a reliable, responsive company 24-7s. That’s what we offer at Service Professor. Fast and reliable response to all our clients’ electrical issues.

Choose a dedicated and well-established electrical services company. One that has multiple industry awards and recognition for service. A company that can boast of favorable customer reviews that show that our electricians are professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and very good at their jobs.

For your next home or business electrical project or electrical emergency in Comstock Park, MI, call Service Professor at 616-871-1900.

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