AC Replacement & Installation, Grand Rapids, MI

Michigan’s hot, sticky summers are no time for your air conditioner to fail. When the temperature rises, you need to know your system can take the heat. Older air conditioners can leak or break down frequently leaving your family uncomfortable. If you’re questioning the integrity of your current air conditioning system and are looking for replacement options, you’ve come to the right place. Service Professor’s team of certified technicians and Comfort Consultants can help you find the best cooling solution for your home and family.

When to Replace Your AC

Replacing your air conditioning unit can seem a daunting task. But, unless you want to endure the sweltering heat of a Michigan summer, you know that you have to do it. Sometimes, it is difficult to know when you need to replace. And one of the frequent questions we get is “how can I know when to replace my AC?”

Our Comfort Consultants can assess your system and help you determine when replacement is the right option. But, here are a few factors for you to consider in your decision on when to upgrade your unit.

  • Frequent Repairs: If you are constantly repairing your AC unit or the repair costs exceed 50% of the value of your system, then it’s time to replace it with a new unit.
  • High Energy Bills: Older models of air conditioners are high energy consumers. High-efficiency models reduce energy consumption by as much as 25-40%! These newer models keep your energy bills low and give you superior cooling benefits.
  • Old, Outdated System: Units over 12 years old should be evaluated for replacement. When they are this old, you run the risk of having more frequent breakdowns, costlier parts, and increasing repair costs.
  • Uneven or inadequate cooling: If your air conditioner is not cooling your space evenly and repairing it is not a viable option, then you have to consider replacement.

We know buying and installing a new air conditioner is an expensive and important investment. You can count on our trusted Comfort Consultants to provide an honest assessment of your unique situation so you can choose the best option for your lifestyle and budget. They will work with you to customize a complete cooling system for your home and family.

AC Replacement and Installation Options

With Service Professor, you get:

Comprehensive Advice: In replacing your AC unit, there are a variety of options for you to consider for your business or home. We’ll walk you through your options for ductless mini split-units, central ac units, heat pumps, high-efficiency units, and more.

Free Estimates: We’ll work with you to determine the best AC unit for your needs. We’ll discuss your home or business cooling needs and then provide a free estimate of the best option that fits your requirements and budget.

Financing: We help you access flexible financing options to allow you to get the AC unit you need. We know that a high-efficiency system will pay for itself over time in energy savings and reduced energy bills. So, financing your new ac replacement can be a cost-effective measure to get your unit quickly when you want it.

Expert Installation: Service Professor installs new AC units throughout Western Michigan. Our expert HVAC technicians have years of experience, and we strive for satisfaction in all that we do.

Trust Service Professor for Your New AC Installation

A properly running air conditioner is key to ensuring the safety and comfort or your home and family during the hot summer months. If your air conditioner isn’t operating the way it should this could not only leave you hot but, affect the indoor air quality. If you’re ready to install an air conditioner for the first time, you can trust Service Professor to do the job fast, efficiently, and correctly…Guaranteed.

Be sure to ask your Comfort Consultant about our hassle-free financing, or apply online to get pre-approved today.

If you have questions about our AC replacement services and financing options, give us a call at 616-871-1900.


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