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Boot The Roots – Roots in sewer

Boot the Roots

Spring is slowly making its appearance which means so are other things around your home. Birds have returned, the grass is turning green, trees are starting to bud, and soon they’ll be filled with leaves. As much as we love when the trees finally get their leaves back, it’s not good for everything, especially around your home. 

Growing, growing, gone!

As trees start to bloom and Spring sets in, trees use their roots to find any source or nutrition possible. Where does the nutrition come from? Anywhere and everywhere! The roots serve as a broad network and they’re constantly expanding. We all know that the roots are like the fingers and arms of trees as they reach out and grow under the ground. So what does that mean for your home? 

Be Aware! 

Roots are desperate for nutrients and they’ll go wherever they can find them. A common place homeowners will find roots is in their sewer line! Now that doesn’t sound all that bad at first, right? Wrong! Once roots have infiltrated your sewer line there’s no stopping them. The roots have found an endless supply of nutrients and water which is what the tree needs. Every time you flush, wash dishes, use the washing machine, or take a shower, you’re feeding the roots. 

Roots In The Sewer? 

There are options! No need to panic quite yet. these pesky things won’t leave on their own, that’s for sure. They will continue to grow and cause other fractures and cracks in the line making them weaker and weaker as they grow. They will fill every inch of the pipe making it impossible for water and waste to pass through it. This is when we start to see backups in the home or water that won’t drain down. there are two categories for repairs if you have roots in your sewer line. 

Temporary Repairs 

This is more of a bandaid and will not provide a long-term solution. This option provides relief for a problem but will likely need to be repeated on a yearly basis.  Jetting is your best bet if you are looking for something short-term. This is when your team of sewer experts use a high-powered hydro-jet to blast through the roots. It clears a path for the water and waste to pass through so you stop having backups. Keep in mind this is temporary and the roots will start to grow back immediately. There’s no telling how fast they will grow and how soon the problem will come back. This is a great option for smaller bugets on projects. 

Permanent Solution

If you never want to have to deal with yearly maintenance for your home’s sewer line again, this is the best option for you! It’ll be worry free and root free! A sewer liner is a permanent option that doesn’t even involve having to excavate to install a new sewer line, although that is an option. A sewer liner is a worry free option that tree roots don’t stand a chance against. This uses the existing sewer line and coats the inside of it with a liner so it becomes sealed once again so no roots can enter. 

Looking for Solutions? 

Our team of sewer experts can happily diagnose any issue you think your home may be experience and they can offer you solutions. You can reach them at 616-871-1900. If you think you may be having issues with your sewer you can see some common issues click here!

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