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Giving Back and Giving School Supplies

Pack To School 

Supplies For All! 

What is better than getting supplies for your kids? Letting them pick out exactly what they want! Pack to School acts as a shopping experience for kids so they have the freedom to pick everything they want from the backpack to the kind of folders or pencils they want to use. Kids ranging from pre-school to high school had the option to pick exactly what they wanted without their parents having to take them to different stores to get everything. Giving back to the community inside of SP is one of our favorite things to do! SP Cares’ favorite way to give back to the community was Pack to School. 

What is Pack To School?

It’s no secret that back-to-school shopping is exciting for the kids! Picking out backpacks and supplies is a fun time for kids to decide what patterns, prints, and colors they want to use for the year. We also know that school supplies are expensive and can add up quickly. So how could SP Cares incorporate those and make it fun while giving back to the community? A kid-friendly, in-house, one-stop shop! This year we hosted Pack to School so our employees could bring their kids to pick out a backpack and fill it with all their supplies for the year! This event was hosted at no cost for employees to participate in so everyone could enjoy it. 

More Than Just Supplies

We know backpacks and school supplies are the stars of the show but we also made sure to have some extras! Kids were able to grab some other school essentials to make the school year amazing. We made sure to have some snacks for everyone so they could fill their backpacks. Giving back to the community meant we were going all out to make sure the kids were taken care of. We made sure to have everything from fruit snacks to veggie straws so there was a variety. On top of snacks,  there were water bottles, hand sanitizer, and SP capes for the littlest ones. 

SP Cares

SP Cares exists to enrich our community here at SP and in West Michigan! This event was the perfect way to show our employees some appreciation and include the kids. SP Cares has also done donations to Kids Food Basket, Brody’s Be Cafe, and furnace installs for members of our community that are in need. 

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