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Breathe Easier This Spring And Lessen Allergies

Say Goodbye To Pesky Allergy Symptoms

Breathe easier this allergy season by installing an iWave Air Purifier to remove pollen, dust, dander, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and more!

April Showers Bring… 

All the rain in April is great and we love the flowers that spring up in May because of it. One thing we all don’t love? Pollen! Pollen acts as the catalyst for most of the major allergy symptoms. Coughing, wheezing, sneezing, disrupted sleep, runny noses, congestion, watery eyes, and more! There’s no way to avoid this outdoors but we can certainly control our homes and the amount of pollen that floats around in our homes and improve air quality.

Cleaner Air? Tell Me More! 

Every time you open a window or a door outside air floods into your home. There aren’t ways to eliminate that since we will always need to go in and out of our homes. But, the good news is we can help eliminate the pollen in your air and greatly improve air quality! A simple device could be the perfect way for you to enjoy more of summer this year! Instead of breathing in air filled with irritants, especially while you sleep, you could have cleaner air. 

What is Clean Air? 

It’s more than what you think! Pollen loves to float around in the air but so do many other things. Mold, bacteria, dust, dust mites, dander, and more can be floating around in your home and outside. Gross, right? Let’s not even get into the number of dead skin cells that float in our homes. All these things can greatly impact our health and diminish our air quality. Our lungs aren’t meant to have constant exposure to harmful things like mold and bacteria in the air. They do a great job of keeping us safe from them but we can do some simple things to eliminate the number of harmful things our lungs are exposed to and do them a favor. 

How Do We Get Clean Air? 

Let us introduce you to the iWave! This small air purifier can be installed in your home without you even noticing it’s there. We an use iWave in homes and larger buildings like offices or restaurants. This filters out all harmful things like dust, mold, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and more before the air gets distributed through the air ducts. Improving air quality is simple and an iWave can be quickly installed! 

Where Can I Learn More? 

Learn about iWaves here! If you want to know more about ways to improve air quality in general you can read about it by clicking here!

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