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Prepping For Spring

Spring Into Comfort

We all know it. Right? Things are cold and snowy and then the next day it’s sunny and warm. That’s just how it goes when you live in the Midwest but there are ways to prevent any unforeseen problems. Prepping our home ensures they are ready for any season, not just Spring. An AC tune-up or furnace tune-ups keep your home running better and prevent frequent breakdown or maintenance. 

Goodbye Winter

Think it’s too soon for an AC Tune-up? No problem! You can service them before summer and also help your furnace. We’ve spent the last couple of months enduring bitterly cold temperatures and loads of snow. Our furnaces worked overtime keeping us warm when the temperatures decided to get comfortable in the negative temperatures with fierce winds.

Your furnace spent extended hours producing warmth to keep your home at a consistent temperature so you wouldn’t notice the fluctuating temps outside. It’s time to say thank you to your heating system! Tuning up your furnace before things get cold is great but a tune-up up at the end of the season is even better! This way your system is ready to kick on at any moment when the temperatures start to dip down again. We can help you with your AC tune-up and furnace tune-up so you never have to worry! 

What About My AC?

An AC tune-up before it gets too hot is great and you have your furnace tuned up at the end of its busy season! Save yourself time and money by seeing if your company will tune-up both at the same time so you know but parts of your heating and cooling system are ready. An AC tune-up is always a great idea! 

Why Do We Tune-Up Furnaces and AC Units?

It’s important to schedule an AC tune-up to ensure nothing is wrong before it starts to run. Many animals like to make winter homes in AC units during the winter. Making sure there is no debris or critters hiding in it is always important. Your technicians will also ensure there are no physical flaws that could cause damage once it starts to run. They’ll run through their list of different checkpoints so you can have peace of mind and a cool home. 

It’s Time! 

Spring is just a couple of days away from “officially” starting even though we had some really warm days the last couple of weeks. Now that Spring is here and the sun is making a more regular appearance, it’s time to give us a call for an AC tune-up. Let us ensure your furnace gets the TLC it deserves after a long winter and your AC gets some quality attention before it starting putting in some long hours. 

Five Signs You Need a Tune-Up? 

If you have to question it, you probably need one. If you have an AC unit, it needs one. Still not sure? Check out some common issues here!

Wondering what is included? Check out some information about what a tune-up entails? Let us help! 

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