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Root of All Evil

Let’s Get To The Root Of Your Plumbing Issue 

We’ve all heard the stories about the expensive repairs that come with root damage in sewer lines. It’s no joke. The roots get into the line and cause havoc.  You’ll start to notice these silent destructors when the issues arise in your home. Backflow, poor flow, or no flow at all are all signs there could be a root issue in your home’s line. So the question is; do the roots break the line or is the line already broken? 


Lets Dig In

That’s the same thing these roots are saying. When the temperature starts to fluctuate the roots of your yard’s trees will start to explore more. We can’t blame them. They are strong and can grow up to a half-inch per day! So are they strong enough to break a metal pipe? Tree roots can only enter the pipe once it has been broken. Typically the pipe itself is older and therefore weaker. This makes your whole sewer system vulnerable. 


So the Roots Didn’t Break My Pipe? 

Nope! Once the pipe has a weak point it will start to leak moisture. When moisture leaks out of the pipe, the tree roots can locate the source. If there was no moisture the roots wouldn’t know the difference between the pipe and a rock in the ground. Now that they have found moisture they’ll keep growing towards and in the pipe. Who would pass up a free meal once found it? 


So I’ll Know When it Happens? 

Not necessarily! Sometimes the tree roots don’t cause issues for a long time (think years). But, other times issues are almost immediate. A local expert can easily roto-router through the roots to clear the path but this doesn’t take care of the tree roots still outside the pipe. They will continue to see the water even if some of the roots have been killed or cut off. 


Now What? 

You will need to seal the sewer line again so there is no way for moisture to escape. This can be done through a traditional sewer line being reinstalled by trenching your yard so a trenchless sewer line is a great option. The trenchless line prevents your yard from being torn up and is a cheaper option. This acts as a sleeve that is placed inside the existing line and seals it completely and then hardens over time. 


Worried About Your Line? 

Don’t worry! Here at SP our team deals with sewer lines every day and we are experts in offering solutions. Curious about trenchless sewer lines? We have a great video explanation for you! 

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