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Electrical Issues In Your Home- Stop Ignoring Them

Ignoring Electrical Issues? Let Us Help! 

We’ve all done it right? The fuse trips and we head to the basement to flip it back on. Not an issue if it is caused in unique situations or times when we are operating too many large things at once. This becomes an issue when it starts to happen frequently or happens even when operating small appliances or other electronics. Although this could be a one-time thing, it could also indicate some very large electrical issues in your home that could risk your safety.       

It’s A Bit Crowded 

If you have an older home you probably have a smaller electrical panel. A smaller panel means less room. Less room means things could be crowded. A larger panel could fix this issue since it will have a much larger capacity. 

Looks Aren’t Everything 

Looks aren’t everything, but in this case, they are. If your panel looks messy with additional wires or has signs of corrosion you should give your panel an upgrade. Any sign of corrosion or rust indicates additional moisture from humidity or water reaching your electrical panel. It doesn’t take a Master Electrician to see why this could be an issue and electrical issues from water should never be taken lightly. 

DIY Isn’t Always Best 

Some of us have fallen into the trap of having a home where someone tried to do the wiring themselves and opted out of making sure everything was up to code. Making sure things are safe and up to code are great ways to ensure there are no electrical issues in your home. Simple fixes could keep your home safe. 

If you’re questioning if your home’s electrical our team of certified technicians can help! Call for a full inspection to make sure there are no electrical issues in your home!  To find out more, click here!

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