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Out With Old- Decluttering Is A Simple Safety Improvement

Decluttering is a safety measure! 

When it comes to the boxes in our basements, bags of old clothes stored in the back of our closets, or old beauty products tucked behind some new ones, we all have them. There is no denying that houses with lots of space leave room for things to accumulate over time. We aren’t forced to sort through all of our things on a regular basis which means we just keep adding to the problem. Let’s break down some simple things you can say goodbye to in your home that will free up a lot of space. If you would like a complete list of things you can start with to improve. your home safety, visit here

Old Beauty Products:  

Yup. It’s time. Throw the partial bottle of sunscreen from 5 summers ago into the trash. The same goes for lotions, washes, skin treatments, and especially old makeup. If you haven’t used it in the past year or if it has expired you can save yourself some time and free up some space.  Your bathroom storage will thank you! Getting rid of these things in your cabinet or under your sink keeps your bathroom safe with fewer things in the way if there was a fix that needed to happen.  

Clothes That Do Not Fit Or Aren’t In Style

We know, we know, we know. We all hold on to that pair of pants that we are convinced we will fit into again. At this point, we’ve been saying that for over 5 years.  And, Even if we did fit into them again they wouldn’t be our preferred style. Cut your losses and donate them. If you already packed them up and needed encouragement to drop them off, here it is!  Baby clothes that you have packed away even though you are done having kids should be donated as well. Home safety is greatly improved with less flammable items lying around that are prone to end up in the basement and possibly by the furnace. 


What Does This Charge Again? 

Back when every electronic device had a different cord we grew accustomed to it.  This means we now have countless cords for things we don’t own or use anymore. The time has come for these to go. Either donate the device and cord or throw away the cord if you don’t have the device anymore. Holding onto these takes up a lot of space and makes it more confusing when you are trying to find the cord to something you actually use.

Blanket Fort Galore! 

Old pillows, blankets, and bedding that take up a large amount of space in our linen closets could have many future homes. These can be donated very easily and quickly. If your local non-profit doesn’t accept bedding local animal shelters are always accepting soft and plush items. They go through these quickly with all the animals that use them. No matter where they end up these items will provide a lot of comfort and warmth to their future home. Storing these near a furnace could lead to issues with your home safety. 

Not sure where to donate your items? Click here to find a reputable local partner! 

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