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Plumbing Issues- Big And Small

Plumbing Issues Big And Small 

Plumbing issues are never an issue until they’re an issue. Right? And, normally it’s a big issue that we have been sweeping under the rug, turning the other way, avoiding it all costs. The occasional issues don’t worry us too much and we brush them off as freak incidents. The truth is that these small issues are just slowly amounting to larger and more expensive issues. 

If It Flushes, It’s Okay! 

Just because it goes down, doesn’t mean we should push the limits. Flushable wipes, large amounts, paper towels, or other things should not be going in our toilets. If your toilets start to flush slowly or fail to flush from time to time, we shouldn’t ignore them! There could be major issues. We know what you’re thinking!

“Sometimes it just needs a second flush.” 

Don’t fall into that trap! Blockages can be secretly building and growing. Plunging in a simple option that most can do on their own. If the issue still isn’t resolved it could be time to call a plumber to take a deeper look into what could possibly be causing your toilet to not flush or be slow to flush. 

Let it flow, let it flow! 

Maybe your issue isn’t your toilet being clogged or slow to flush. Maybe your toilet’s issue is that it continually flushes and the water continually runs. This can also be a large issue. Being on either end of the spectrum is bad for your plumbing and should be taken seriously. If you don’t like wasting money, you won’t like running water. Up to 200 gallons a day in wasted running water could be costing you tons of money.

Break down the issue. Is there a leak? If so, address the issue and try to put a stop to it. If you can solve the issue yourself this is a simple way to save money and you won’t have to call a plumber. The issue could also be in the tank. Is your flapper sealing properly? This is a common issue that makes it impossible for your toilet to stop running. 

I’ll fix it… later

Whether the issue is small or large, both should be taken seriously. We know that both eventually cost us a lot of money. Even large issues can be avoided for a while but catch up to us. Avoid issues for the next time you have people over or are in a pinch. Be proactive and solve issues early. We’re here to help! 

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