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Dust, Dander, and Dirt. What Are You Breathing? 

Dust, Dander, and Dirt. What Are You Breathing? 

Pets & Your Home

Despite the endless amounts of hair on our favorite outfits or expensive furniture, I think we can all agree that the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to pets. With this being said there are some things are can do to lessen the negative things our best friends bring into our home; allergies, dirt, dust, dander, etc. If you’re one of our fellow pet lovers who suffer in silence and just keeps a box of tissues and some allergy meds close by there could be some solutions! Let’s eliminate some allergens and improve your air quality together. 

Keeping Fur, Dander, and Dirt Out of Your System

Just like we deep clean our home or give our hair an extra shampoo here and there; we should be doing the same for our pets. Giving them an extra brush, paying to have them professionally groomed, or just an extra bath can drastically improve the amount they shed and the amount of dander we are exposed to. It’s easy to be concerned about their fluffy hair clinging to our clothes. But, what about our air ducts? What about air quality? 

If you are cleaning your pet but neglecting your air ducts you should be just fighting an uphill battle! A simple yearly clean could eliminate a large part of your allergy triggers. Unless you like to stock your home with lots of tissues and constantly worry about if you took your antihistamine. Cleaning your ducts also eliminates basic dust that has been hiding in your vents. 

Filters For The Win

We get it! Grooming your dog more frequently takes a lot of time! Especially if your life is already busy, this can be a big burden. But, don’t worry, we have a simple solution to help. Changing your air filters more regularly means you’ll be trapping more hair, dust, and dander. The more you trap in an air filter means the less you’ll be breathing and better air quality.

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Call Service Professor!

Keep your home heating system and fur babies in harmony with these quick tips for increased air quality. When you think about how much dirt, debris, and hair sheds off of your pets; consider how much of that is circulating in your home. Call a Service Professor expert today to get your routine maintenance scheduled! Regular maintenance prevents downtime and keeps you, your pets, and your HVAC system purring happily!

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