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Insider Scoop: Working At Service Professor

Family: To The Core

Together we can take a deeper dive into the inner workings of being part of the Service Professor team. What is it really like? How do we operate? How can you be a valued member of our family? What do we value? We’re growing at rapid speed and adding new people every week; which means there is a seat for you. A new career is waiting and we take great pride in having a culture that promotes growth, personally and professionally. 

Core Values: 

Servants To The Client:

Ensuring we do everything to make their experience the best possible is our first value. Making sure they feel like family and feel comfortable with us in their home. We go above and beyond on every call. Maybe you take a quick look at something in the home the home owner mentioned wasn’t working right or they were concerned about. Even if it’s part of today’s call, we make sure they are taken care of and have peace of mind. Working here empowers you to do everything you can for others! 

Servants To Each Other:

Be a team player. In the office, in our trucks, or on the job. Doing our part to make sure the entire SP family is taken care of is what makes our organization so special. We don’t just settle for doing what is in our specific job description. Helping others, helps ourselves. Working here makes you part of the family right away! 


We pride ourselves on being upbeat… all day! Even before our morning coffee we, as a team, focus on being positive and energetic. We do our best to make sure you feel encouraged and appreciated every day!  


Not just in the physical sense (because we do eat a lot of pizza) but in a mental and professional sense! We want to push each other to strive for our personal and professional best. This makes our relationships with family and coworkers better. Together, we are all fighting for growth. Best part is, you’ll have a HUGE cheerleading squad encouraging you the entire way! 


They define success collectively and not individually. We leave our egos at the door or get rid of them altogether. Working at Service Professor gives you a network of coworkers doing the same. 


Common sense when it comes to people. This is huge! We want to know how to effective deal with people; customers, family, coworkers, or just people we meet in everyday life. 


All be improving. Steady growth makes our whole organization and we all get to enjoy the fruits of labor when we work on improving our minds, bodies, careers, skills, etc. Working at Service Professor is bettering yourself a little bit everyday. 

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