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Frozen Pipes – Everything You Need To Know

Frozen Pipes – Everything You Need To Know

Winter months are here but did you forget about your home’s water system? If you think frozen pipes are only and issue for the outside, we’re glad you’re here! The expansion of freezing water could lead to destruction in your home even if you think you’re safe. Taking simple precautions could save you from costly repairs. 

Winterizing Pipes Inside Your Home

Even the smallest exposure to cold temperatures could cause frozen pipes, especially during the night when water isn’t moving through your pipes as much. Air blowing on the pipes or exposure to outside walls of your home could be the culprit for freezing and cracks in pipes. 

Pipes In Crawlspaces

Since these spaces are often neglected and unused they can have exposed pipes without anyone noticing. Taking the time to insulate the pipes well and covering the openings is a great way to start. This keeps your pipes from getting too cold. 

Bathrooms And Laundry Rooms 

If your bathrooms or laundry rooms are located next to or above your home’s garage they may be more vulnerable to frozen pipes and expanding water issues. Keeping your garage door closed as much as possible will help keep the risk of ice in your pipes low. 

Rooms With Exterior Walls

If your bathroom or laundry room run along an outside exterior wall you may  try keeping the door(s) open to allow heat inside. This simple fix can easily prevent any potential issues. If you’re anticipating a deep freeze be prepared. Consider using a fan to help circulate the air near the pipes, or purchase a small space heater for some extra temporary heat. Kitchens can also be prone to this issue if they are running along an exterior wall that may have a lot of wind exposure. 


Finally, never turn off the heat when you leave home during the winter. Instead, set the temperature to at least 55 degrees F.  Keep them higher if you’ve had problems in the past with frozen pipes or live in an area of extreme cold). If you have multiple heat zones, be sure to adjust all thermostats appropriately.

How Do I Know If My Pipes Are Frozen? 

There are some tell-tale signs your home has frozen pipes. Click Here to see some signs! If you water is running really slow, you smell something bad coming our of faucets, you can see physical frost on pipes, or your water isn’t coming out at the right temperature after a drop in temperature you could be in trouble. 

Experiencing plumbing issues or worried about frozen pipes? Our service superheroes have you covered! See how we can help! 


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