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Thanksgiving- How To Stay Safe And Make Memories!

What Does Safety Look Like This Thanksgiving?

As we enter our first major holiday with safety precautions in place lets do everything we can to make sure it is memorable in the best way possible! There are some great ways to keep your loved ones safe, kids entertained, and build memories as well! Simple adjustments could allow your family to express their thanks and enjoy some turkey together. 


Tips To Stay Safe: 

1. Consider Having Two Tables- By adding a second table that you can easily set up and take down you could provide additional space for everyone to distance. Even though it’s not 6 feet of distance between each person at the dinner table an extra foot or so could really improve the safety of your dinner. Consider a collapsable 6 or 8 foot table that you can purchase at most stores and cover with a tablecloth. 

2. Avoid Playing Loud Music Or Singing- When the volume in the room is high from music everyone will be forced to talk and sing louder. Louder speaking and singing comes with more projection which can lead to an increased spread of germs. Consider skipping music playing in the background this Thanksgiving. 

3. Play Games Instead- If you’re skipping music, playing games might be a better plan instead and get everyone involved. Many games can space people out so we’re not crammed around a game board. Games can lead to great Thanksgiving memories for all ages and lots of fun! 

4. More Serving Utensils- If you want to limit the amount of hands on serving utensils you can serve kids so they don’t touch the communal utensils. Having more utensils is also a great way to help. Buy a couple of disposable ones from the store! 

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Zoomsgiving- Thanksgiving will have no limit on Zoom’s normal time limit! This allows you to video chat with loved ones who won’t be able to travel or don’t feel comfortable with in-person gathering. Some families are choosing to split into 2 or 3 groups and stick to groups of 10 or less people. This will keep groups smaller but still connected! 

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