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Easy Thanksgiving Decor For Kids

It’s no mystery that Thanksgiving is one of our busiest holidays when it comes to cooking, cleaning, decorating, and preparing to host your friends and family at your home. This year try having your kids help by taking over the decorating with simple crafts and minimal supplies so you have more time for more complex tasks! They’ll love being able to use their creative side and showcasing their thanksgiving decor ideas to your guests. 

Our Top Thanksgiving Decoration Picks For Kids

1. Fall Leaf Decor

Our first pick uses all the beautiful Fall leaves just outside your door! Let the kids pick their favorite leaves from the yard, park, or from a walk! This is a great way for them to get outside while finding bright leaves or unique leaves.

They’ll be able to use these in a variety of rooms to bring a sense of nature into the home. 






2. Personalized Name Cards and Favors

We love the idea of kids using their creativity as a way to make every guest feel welcome! They’ll be able to personalize each name card and decorate the feathers and faces of each turkey. This Thanksgiving decor will make add a great touch to any table! 

Put a unique spin on each! Challenge them to find something that will make your guests feel right at home! This project could be a good time filler weeks leading up to Thanksgiving dinner. 



3. Decorated Table Cloth or Interactive Kids Table

Let your kids use their artistic skills to draw Fall and Thanksgiving themed pictures on the paper table covering before you set the table. This is a great opportunity to write down all the things they’re thankful for so others can read them during dinner. 

You can leave the paper blank on the kids’ table so they can decorate it after dinner as a way to entertain them while adults finish dinner! 

Keep some extra paper on hand in case they want a blank canvas after dinner. 



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