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Is Your Water Heater Trying To Tell You Something?

It’s no surprise that our homes make quite a bit of noise. Whether its the AC powering up in the summer, the Furnace kicking on in the Winter, or the floors creaking when someone’s up for a late-night snack! Our Grand Rapids homes are always trying to tell us something! But, there are sounds you might not be familiar with that may come from your water heater! What is your water heater trying to tell you? 

Common Water Heater Language

Snap, Crackle, Pop! 
Okay, more of a popping than a snap and a crackle, but you get the idea! Popping noises often indicate that there is sediment buildup in your water heater. The popping you hear typically is a result of the water boiling underneath the sediment. If you haven’t had a water heater flush in a while, this is a quick fix! Call your local plumbing experts at Service Professor to give it a flush so it’ll hush! 

Similar to when you turn on a hose that hasn’t had water run in a while, a screeching sound can indicate a restricted flow of water. A quick fix for this is to check to make sure that your inlet control valve is open. If you are having trouble locating this, give us a call! We will help you locate it! 

A sizzling noise coming from your water heater can indicate that there may be a leak present. The sizzling you hear is a result of the water dripping onto the burner. If this sounds like your water heater, it’s best to call a professional ASAP! Leaking water wastes energy because it means you’re heating water that goes to waste on your floor! A Service Professor professional can help you detect this leak and ensure no more water is wasted! 

Is your water heater using another language that you don’t recognize? Give us a call at Service Professor! We speak fluent water heater and can diagnose the problem for you! Let us help you help your home and protect your water heater from costly breakdowns later! 616-871-1900

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