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Get Your Plumbing Ready for Winter

Leaves are beginning to pile on the ground and crisp mornings are here! While many of us have made sure our Furnace is ready for our Michigan Winter, we can’t forget about our Plumbing system too! The changes in temperature can greatly affect performance and sometimes result in damage if not dealt with properly. Preventative maintenance is KEY when ensuring your home is ready! 

Detaching Your Outside Hose

If you noticed our weekly #TipTuesday post on our Social Media channels, you may be familiar with this maintenance tip. So why is it important to disconnect your hose from the faucet before wintertime? If you leave your hose connected, water may freeze within the hose and even in your home’s plumbing system which can lead to cracking. Cracked pipes are pipes that need to be replaced! Avoid the headache and remember to detach your hose, remove excess water, and store it in a dry place for winter. 

Repair Outdoor Leaks

Similar to detaching your hose for winter, any leaks that you notice outside of your home should be addressed! In addition to higher utilities, a dripping faucet leads to water damage and, during a freeze, can create similar problems for your plumbing system. Make sure to take care of these leaks while the weather is still mild in West Michigan! Our expert Plumbers are licensed and certified to handle any plumbing problems you encounter. 

Gut it Out!

It’s a chore that we all dread as the leaves begin to fall. Cleaning out the gutters. Fall weather can be pretty nasty in Michigan, heavy rainfalls and the occasional sleet make it a priority to ensure your gutters are free from debris. Compacted leaves and tree detritus can impede the flow of water from your home, creating leaks and cracks. 

Water Heater Maintenance

You and your family use the water heater much more in the fall and winter, so maintenance is important! A water heater works best when there is nothing in the tank but pure water. Unfortunately, sediment can build up in the bottom of the tank over time, and this makes it more difficult to heat the water. A good flush will remove that sediment and improve the overall efficiency of your water heater. Our certified technicians at Service Professor are trained and experienced when it comes to flushing water heaters. Give us a call if it’s been a while since you had yours flushed!


If you encounter any issues that you’re not equipped to deal with, the experts at Service Professor are here to help. Serving West Michigan and Kalamazoo! Call us today at 616-871-1900 to schedule an appointment.

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