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Service Professors Ride-2-Decide

Why Ride-2-Decide? 
We have a vision for the future. To change the perception of the Trades. We know the skilled trades will always be in demand so long as people own homes. We crafted a program to help do our part to make sure those jobs get filled! Our Ride-2-Decide Program is a game-changer. We seldom see the highlights of a rewarding career in the trades, and we are determined to change that! 

Service Professor provides an avenue for students to experience the trades first-hand while getting paid.  Students shadow techs during real life service calls allowing them to make informed decisions as to whether the trades are right for them. This experience has the potential to open up a whole world of possibilities. 

“What’s Next?” – High School Graduate
At the current rate, when the next two generations of tradesmen and women retire in 40 years there will be virtually no one to train. This not only affects the trades as an industry, but ultimately the future of society. What will homeowners do when they encounter a clog? No hot water? A furnace that goes out in the dead of our West Michigan winters? The reality is homes need maintenance, whether that’s plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, or drain clearing! We can’t imagine what life would look like without our technicians to show up and Fix it in a Snap! 

The traditional college route is changing and online education has paved the way in recent months. What if online education isn’t in the cards? That’s what makes the Ride-2-Decide Program enticing for many students faced with the decision of, “What’s Next?”

At Service Professor, we’re here to help students figure out what lies ahead. Whether that’s through educational presentations or taking a seat next to our expert technicians. We take immense pride in the high level of customer service that we deliver and the opportunity to serve our community every day. 

Changing the Perception 

Changing the perception of the trades cannot be done alone. We need more recruits to help us strengthen the trades so that we can continue to provide high level customer service experiences for our customers. Keeping the families in West Michigan safe and comfortable can’t be done if we don’t have technicians.

Interested in joining or learning more about our Ride-2-Decide Program? Fill out an application and we will be in touch! In the meantime, check our latest round of Ride-2-Decide teammates below! Fun fact, Annalise is our FIRST female technician! View Fox 17’s story on our “Official Signing Day” here:

Abraham Winkels – Cedar Springs High School – HVAC 

Annalise Brandon – East Kentwood High School – HVAC 

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