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Clean Air Solutions at Home – Your Indoor Air Quality

Clean Air Solutions at Home – Your Indoor Air Quality

Many of us have a lot in common right now, we’re still spending quite a bit of time at home! And as the weather starts to cool off, we’ll be spending even more time there. With the busyness in life and the change in season, it is easy to forget about our home’s indoor air quality. Unfortunately, our indoor air quality is taking on quite a bit of damage from the extra traffic, and that can affect our health too! Home comfort starts with clean air! So what can we do as homeowners to ensure the air we are breathing at home is healthy, clean air? Keep reading to learn more! 

Purify With Plants

Plants are an inexpensive and organic way to rid your home’s air of contaminants. Not only do they take in Carbon Dioxide, but they can increase oxygen levels in your home and even remove other toxins lingering in the air! Be mindful if you have pets! Some feline friends don’t mix well with certain plants, so do your research before deciding which ones are right for your home. Check out this article to learn more about which plants are best for IAQ: 

Humidify the Air

As we transition into a dryer, cooler season, humidity can play a big role in maintaining indoor air quality. Besides preventing static electric build-up in carpets and clothes, it can help prevent dryness of the skin, throat, and hair, that accompany the cool weather and cause irritation. During winter, the air can get dry. A whole-house humidifier can help to add moisture to the air so that you can feel more comfortable indoors.

Duct Cleaning

Your home’s air ducts collect and trap dust, allergens, and other contaminants in the air. Although you may change your air filters regularly, those contaminants will still be in the air ducts. If you find that your air filters are getting dirty rather quickly, then you should consider scheduling an air duct cleaning appointment!  Check out these Before and After photos we’ve done in the past! Now that’s DIRTY!








iWave Air Purification System

Aside from regular cleaning maintenance, there are permanent at-home solutions to improve your indoor air quality. The iWave Air Purification System removes viruses, bacteria, mold, smoke, and pathogens from your indoor air. You and your family can take peace of mind knowing the cleanest air you breathe all day will be the air inside your home. The best part is, the iWave is a maintenance-free, permanent air purification solution. iWave produces no ozone or harmful byproducts and requires no bulbs or expensive replacement parts. 

*Service Professor is an exclusive dealer of iWave products. You can learn more about the iWave Air Purifier here.


Let’s talk clean air! Give us a call today to learn more about how we can better serve you. 

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