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Your Homes Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Poor indoor air quality is among the top five environmental risks to public health. Add in the germs and contaminants due to the Coronavirus, and we’re in the midst of a battle for unpolluted air. Fortunately, we have quite a bit of expertise in the air quality arena! And now that we are all spending most of our time at home, making sure we’re breathing clean air has become very important for the safety of our families. If you suffer from allergies and other respiratory conditions or if you have young children or elderly living with you, having an air cleaner can help ensure your health and comfort. Air quality is not something you should have to compromise, especially given how much time we are spending home. At Service Professor, we are doing our part to better serve our customers during this time and provide tips to ensure your homes IAQ is up to par. We are here for you West Michigan! 


Cleaning Checklist

Air filter

We have shared the importance of cleaning your air filters for improved air quality on our Facebook Page before, but air filters are only one part of the IAQ problem. Over time, contaminants and germs find their way into our homes and continue to circulate in the air we breathe every day. Luckily, there are a few things we can do as homeowners in order to increase our IAQ score and reduce the contaminants flowing throughout our homes. Contrary to popular belief, the air inside your home is typically three to five times more polluted than the air outside! In fact, most homes today experience issues with their Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Even when things are normal this is a troubling statistic, but add in the fact that we are almost all working from home right now and there may be cause for concern! Take the necessary precautions and check on the condition of your air filters and vents. If you and your family are spending a lot of time confined within your home, you want to ensure you are breathing clean air!


HVAC Sanitization

There is a reason why your heating and cooling system is often referred to as the lungs of your home! It takes in air and redistributes it all day, every day. At Service Professor, we want to make sure that you and your family are breathing the best air possible! We want to do our part for our community and our customers, so we are offering antibacterial and anti-fogging of the entire heating and cooling system. This one-step process consists of a certified HVAC technician coming in for a no-contact call to treat your heating and cooling system with a new sanitization process. They will simply spray the solution on the coils of your system and that’s it! This sanitization process is free for our MVP members and available at a discounted cost for non-members. 


Protect Yourself and Others

As members of society, we must do our due diligence and help protect the vulnerable in our communities. Practice social distancing, frequently wash your hands, refrain from touching your face, and stay home! By abiding by the policies set in place by the government and staying safe at home we can each help do our part to limit the spread of this virus. 

          ⇢Wash your hands frequently 
          ⇢Avoid touching your face
          ⇢Sanitize your home/surfaces frequently
          ⇢Practice Social Distancing (6 ft apart, stay home!)


Breathe Clean Air 

If you’d like to take advantage of this new sanitization process, reach out to us to set up your appointment today! Remember, MVP members will receive this heating and cooling system sanitization free! Our technicians are taking all necessary safety precautions each day including daily health screenings, use of personal protection equipment like gloves and face masks, and performing zero-contact calls.

We’re here West Michigan, and we’ll leave your home cleaner and safer than when we arrived. 



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