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Dealing with Every Day Plumbing Problems



We are a few days past the big Sunday Night Football Game, and the last thing you want to do is clean your bathroom. Mostly because you decided to invite the entire neighborhood over and Sarah brought her famous 10-layer bean dip. Thanks, Sarah (Seriously the dip was amazing). Maybe you were proactive and the plumber was there before the crowd. But, some of us got lost in the sauce of the big game festivities and didn’t. And, now we have a bathroom to clean and a toilet that needs damage control.

No Flush is a No Go
Dealing with a blocked toilet line or a slow flush? These are the most common types of plumbing issues and usually have an easy fix. If most people are aware of what’s flushable and what isn’t you shouldn’t have to worry about large obstructions (Flushable wipes are questionable, they are safe for plumbing but usually not recommended). Occasionally something might go down the drain that, well, doesn’t belong. Think; kids and toilet fun. If you notice a slow flush, check the tank on the back of the toilet and look for anything suspicious. If you don’t notice anything obvious and everything looks to be where it should be, move on to the plunger. When in doubt, plunge it out! If a plunger doesn’t do the trick you can try an auger or drain snake to clear up any blockage. When home remedies fall short and using tools you have on hand only causes more toilet gurgles, you may need to call in the experts. Call our professional plumbing technicians to unclog drains or sewer lines, available 24 hours!

Toilet Water on the Move
Maybe the issue isn’t water flowing down the toilet, but stopping it! Running toilets can really do some damage to your monthly bill. A running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day!
Similar to a leaky sink, it’s like dropping money down the drain.
First, check for a leak! This can be done by simply marking the water level in your tank. Next, turn off the main water supply and wait. If you notice a change in the water level, you may be dealing with a leak. No leak in sight? It could be an improperly sealed flapper. One of the most common reasons for a running toilet is that the flapper doesn’t seal. If you check the tank on the back of your toilet and see water endlessly refilling, you found your culprit. Or one of them. Once you’ve narrowed down this problem, you can pick up a replacement part. It’s simple, you don’t even need any tools just your fingers! Although you may have found your problem, this could be a temporary fix to a longstanding issue. Think Service Professor, we will have your toilet free-flowing in no time with no worries.

As far as cleaning your bathroom, we can provide some inspiration to motivate you. But that job you will just need to face on your own!

We’ll Fix it in a Snap!
Plumbing issues can range in severity from minor leaks and clogs to major pipe or sewage problems. Either way, plumbing maintenance is always a good investment. Avoiding problems only until something goes seriously wrong will only cost you more in the long run. If you’re someone who hasn’t had their plumbing inspected in the last 2 years or are a new homeowner, we highly recommend it. And next year, if you want to host a Sunday Night Football Game, think preventative maintenance with Service Professor!

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