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5 Ways to Give Your Home a Little Love This Valentine’s Day

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Take care of your home,
It will take care of you too!

It’s Valentine’s Week, so it’s only fitting that we join in the fun with a little love poem. Whether you choose to stay in or dine out this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to share some love with your home! Most of the systems in your homes like heating and cooling, plumbing, duct cleaning/ventilation and electrical are out of sight, but they need a little TLC to maximize efficiency! So keep them in mind this Valentine’s Day. Check out these 5 simple ways to give your home the TLC it deserves.

1. Heating and Cooling System 

If you’re choosing to spend the evening in this Valentine’s Day, your heating and cooling system needs to be on *point. Your system works hard every single day to make your home comfortable. Try turning your thermostat down a few degrees. Each degree you lower it by has the potential to lower your monthly bill by almost three percent! You can take that savings and add it to your next year’s Valentine’s Day fund. Give your system a little R&R this week.

2. Air Ventilation

While we’re talking about your heating and cooling system, don’t forget about those air filters!  Before your own date night, give your air filters a little light cleaning. Cleaning your air filters will improve the air quality so if you are staying in on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be breathing in clean, healthy air. A clogged filter is not welcome this Valentine’s Day! 

3. Plumbing-Leaky Faucets

The next area in your home that might need a little love is your faucets. The last thing you want while you’re tucked in watching a movie is to hear the constant drip of a leaky faucet. It doesn’t stop at the annoying sound. Each time your faucet drips it’s costing you your Valentine’s Day fund money. Talk about a day-ruiner. Some leaks you can oftentimes control temporarily on your own. But when it’s persistent, it’s best to call in a Service Professor Plumbing Technician. Available 24/7, even Valentine’s Day! 

4. Electrical- Light Dimmers  

Have you ever literally been “blinded by the light” in your home? Nothing will ruin the romance during your Valentine’s Day dinner more than overpowering lights. Consider installing light dimmers to control your home’s lighting. With the slide of a simple switch, you can control the lighting throughout your home to set the perfect mood and save on your energy bill at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to control the mood with the slide of a switch? 

5. Plumbing- Garbage Disposal 

This last one is for any of you who plan on serving up dinner at home on Valentine’s Day. There is nothing worse than a stinky sink. If you have a garbage disposal, here’s a quick tip to freshen up the aroma in your kitchen. Run your faucet with cold water, grab a couple of ice cubes, some lemon rinds and send them down the abyss that we call the garbage disposal. Although there’s a common misconception that doing this will sharpen your garbage disposal blades, that isn’t the case. Ice cubes help to clean off the blades with their abrasiveness. Lemon is just an added bonus smell. Prep your kitchen with a little TLC for your garbage disposal before the cooking mayhem begins. 


However you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, don’t forget about your home. Especially if you’ve been putting maintenance like this off for a while. There couldn’t be a better week to share the love than this one! If you need guidance or help with any of these, call your local Service Professor experts. We’ll make sure your home gets the TLC it deserves, so you can too.



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