Home Protection Plans

Preventative Medicine for Your Home

Beyond the base cost of operating your home, repair and upkeep expenditures can stretch any family’s budget. A preventative maintenance program, such as Service Professor’s “Professor Protection Plan,” can help save you money by ensuring your home systems run safely and efficiently, and by resolving issues early to minimize system deterioration and prevent costly breakdowns.  

Home Protection Plans

A comprehensive protection plan includes four annual evaluation visits, often scheduled seasonally, covering a home’s plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems. At each visit, a certified technician performs a thorough assessment to ensure the highlighted system is operating efficiently, and to identify safety concerns (e.g. a cracked heat exchanger in a furnace can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning). Aside from the peace of mind they get knowing their home is safe and comfortable, many members enroll in protection plans to take advantage of the service and repair fee discounts often included in protection plans.

Evaluation Visits…Your Home’s Check Up

During a routine evaluation visit, a service technician ensures home systems (heating, cooling, electric, and plumbing) are in proper working order.  He or she will perform a variety of checks and adjustments, such as calibrating and leveling thermostats, and ensuring the integrity of household wiring. Some of the checks your technician will perform include:

  • Electrical: panel rejuvenation, smoke detector battery change, dust bath fans*
  • Heating: thermostat inspection, carbon monoxide test, change standard furnace filter, inspect exposed ducts*
  • Cooling: check refrigerant levels, check coils, clean out grass and debris*
  • Plumbing: die test toilets, check and adjust faucets, check operation of sewage/sump pumps, flush water heater*

Professor Home Protection Plan

Thousands of West Michigan customers have already taken advantage of the many benefits included with a home protection plan. If you’re considering enrolling, Service Professor’s “Professor Protection Plan” may be the best option for you.

For just $9.99 a month, members receive:

  • Four annual evaluation, one each for electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling
  • Priority service and convenient appointment times
  • Reduced service fees on future work
  • 10% off all completed service work (up to $250 per invoice)
  • Home value booster (membership is transferable during change of ownership)
  • Convenient auto-pay of monthly membership fee to your credit card
  • Friendly reminders when it’s time to schedule evaluations

* To learn more about the Professor Protection Plan and to enroll, call 616-871-1900 or learn more here »

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