Portable Vs Standby Generators

Kohler Standby Generator

Powers Off But Your Lights Are On

There is an element of fun when the power first goes out. We’re allowed to pretend for a moment we are pioneers, braving the elements with little more than candlesticks and flashlights. But, for outages lasting more than a couple of hours, the novelty of such rustic living quickly wears off and “real life” concerns (Spoiled food! Dying cell phones!) set in. For those with health conditions who rely on energy-dependent medical equipment for their wellbeing, the urgency to restore power may be even more urgent. Investing in a generator can provide peace of mind that when the power goes out, you can keep your lights on.

Portable Generators

For the occasional power outage, a portable generator may be enough to provide the electricity your home needs. With a few exceptions, a portable generator can power essential appliances, such as refrigerators and space heaters, keeping your food safe from spoilage and your family comfortable. Some families find portable generators’ transportability convenient for recreation (e.g. camping or tailgating) too, but noise can be a nuisance for nearby neighbors.

Though convenience and price point are certainly pros of portable generators, there are a number cons to consider before purchasing a unit. Aside from noise, portable generators must be operated outdoors to ensure sufficient ventilation and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Portables are also susceptible to overload (appliances must be plugged in one at a time to ensure the generator can withstand the load), and require fuel to run (refueling the portable can become tedious if outages are frequent or last several hours).

Standby Generators

Like portables, standby generators provide power for important appliances and systems in your home, but can do so on a larger scale and for longer. Aside from basic appliances, standby generators can power air conditioners, furnaces, sump pumps, and more. And, because they run on propane or natural gas, their fuel supply is virtually unlimited meaning your home and family can be safe and secure even if an outage lasts longer than expected. Standbys, which are installed outside a home similar to an air conditioner, start up automatically when an outage occurs ensuring power is restored quickly, even when you’re away from home.

Selecting the Best Option for You

Power outages affect nearly half a million people every year (weather related outages alone have doubled since 2003). Outage-related damage, such as burst pipes and food spoilage, cost American households upwards of $150 billion annually. Standby and portable generators can help protect homes and families from the inconvenience and loss power outages cause by providing a dependable source of energy for essential appliances and home systems. Not sure which system is right for you? Contact a reputable generator expert like Service Professor. They will work with you to determine your household energy needs and help you choose the best system for you and your family.

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