AC Tune Up

Warm Weather Ahead! Is Your AC Ready?

Warmer weather is finally here, and for most of us that means AC season has officially begun. Not sure your air conditioning unit ready for the hot summer ahead? The best way to get (and keep!) your system running smoothly is through regular system evaluations and annual tune-ups like those offered by Service Professor.

Necessary or Not?

In seasonal climates such as Michigan’s, air conditioning units sit unused for several months out of the year. A long stretch of cool, then cold, weather makes it easy to forget we even have an air conditioner! However, this cycle – a few months of hard work followed by several more of neglect and inattention -can quickly add up to a year’s worth of debris and corrosion, leading to sub-par performance. Add in low coolant levels, dirty fan motors, and loose wiring, and you’ve got a recipe for efficiency disaster!

Can’t I Do This Myself?

Some maintenance and tune-up tasks (like changing an air filter) can easily be handled by the average homeowner. However, most services should be performed by a qualified cooling technician to ensure the safety of both the owner and the AC system. Service Professor’s HVAC manager, Brad Deutschman, explains, “Confirming the integrity of certain components of the system, such as electrical connections, amp draws, and Freon levels, are best left to professionals trained in AC maintenance and repair. Heating and cooling techs know how to identify and resolve issues quickly and safely, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety.”

Maintenance Visits

A simple way to ensure your AC system receives the regular maintenance and care it needs is to enroll in an annual home maintenance plan, such as that offered by Service Professor. During a maintenance visit, the technician will perform a variety of checks and adjustments, such as: ensuring all coils and drains are clean and clear; checking coolant levels; adjusting thermostats; inspecting and tightening wiring, contacts, capacitors, and relays; and inspecting and lubricating condenser fan motors and blades. (Home maintenance programs typically include quarterly visits to ensure other home systems, e.g. plumbing and electrical, are running efficiently too.)

With warm weather here and warmer weather on the way, an efficient AC system is your key to a comfortable summer. Regular maintenance visits and annual tune-ups will keep your system running well and your home cool all season long. Call Service Professor today to learn more!

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